Can We Stop The Drums Of War?

The drums of war play out in intimate settings within homes across all nations.  The drums of war play out on the streets of Europe and the Americas within protests and street attacks.  The drums of war are beaten each day as nation rises against nation – crossing the red line.  The drums of war sound the alarm as religions rise up, one against the other, upon the earth.

Where are sane men, women, and children – to go – when our leaders desire war?

On the smallest ripple of the discussion – we speak of Banker’s Wars, and of oil needing to get to market to keep the currency wars going.  Some speak of the American military industrial complex and its need to keep perpetual wars going.

Some speak of beliefs requiring marching toward doom in expectation of “fulfilled promises” and “final days and final wars” involving the return and/or arrival of various notable figures.  Few of our conversations and debates provide us with an adequate answer to –

“Why is mankind not allowed to live in peace?!”

“WHY war – decade after decade – for hundreds and thousands of Years?!”

“WHY don’t we – stand up and say, “Enough!”?

Millions upon millions of people on this planet today – detest war.  They hate watching the displacement of peoples on the planet.  They hate their government’s participation in the destruction of millions of civilians’ lives.  They hate seeing the aftermath of bombs, which have turned families, homes, and lives – to ruble.

Most of us have had enough – of war.  Even when it is on “foreign soil”.

Many Americans, of various political persuasions, have long asked themselves some version of the question – “WHY has my nation become such a thug and a bitch on the earth?!  Killing.  Killing.  More Killing.  How much is Enough killing for the deep state of the United States of America?!”

In the past few days, weeks and months we have been fed “news” of  the USA’s intention to cause more harm, more killing, more bombing, and more destruction – in other nations.  This week even Communist Americans voice their approval for change of regime in Iran and Central America.  Intervention.  Destruction.  Chaos.

We were promised an end to war by two presidents; one a democrat, the other a Republican.  And yet, the deep state war drum – drums on.

Perhaps it is time we stop asking questions in silence, and begin to unite and ask these questions boldly and loudly.  Perhaps it is best that we Demand changes to long going policies by hidden agents which profit from the misery and pain of humans.  Perhaps it is time that we collectively demand that those who have been duly elected now fulfill their promises to – Cease War.

We are at a crossroad.  We must ask ourselves and answer honestly,  “Do I Love those around me enough to care about – THEIR Future?”

Globally, we must be honest about whether we are willing to stand together and say, “Enough!” to lawlessness in the streets of our nations, as well as lawlessness in the places where decisions for war are made.

Do we have the strength to stand up and say, “Enough!” to those politicians who hunger for more blood, more death, and more destruction – while making millions/billions on war?

Do we have the fortitude to come together and begin to pray and meditate for change – Together – to create a metaphysical change that can manifest in 3D?

Do we have the strength to stand up to those who have repeatedly promised “change” only to allow more lawlessness into our nations, and more war and bloodshed and death in – Other Nations – as well?

The Millennials and Gen X’ers blame the Boomers for not having done more to hold back the tides of lawlessness and depravity, which wash over nations today.  I believe that it is not yet too late for Gen Z, Millennials, X’ers, Boomers, and All Else – to unite in purpose – against the forces that attempt to take over the globe at this hour.  We all stand to lose if we do not stand together.

Resistance is not futile.

Those who know and understand how to do it – must begin to follow up in united prayer, meditation, and purposed metaphysical creative works – to push back forces that would devour us nation by nation, and ultimately  body, mind, and soul.

Together…..  One in purpose – with honesty and truth – we can push this monster back into retreat, and if we want, we can subdue it.  It starts in the quiet, where metaphysical work and thoughts are unseen, but are joined with the wave of desire and purpose of all of those who are like us.  We can become The Flood that washes it away.

Vera Lokteff

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