The Walls Come Falling Down


The late 1980’s and early 1990’s can easily be summed up as the “Nothing Is As It Seems” decade.  What I mean by this is that literally thousands and thousands of people from all over this planet began to have spontaneous “wake up” experiences (both spiritual and third dimensional) that suddenly revealed the truth behind the illusion of various systems and beliefs.  These people came from various spectrum of society.

Some were church people, some were educators, some were in the political sphere, some were in the financial system, in science, in medicine and in government.   The common thread that ran across each field and group was the spontaneous shock and revelation that “Nothing Is As It Appears To Be.”

Many who woke up went on to speak publicly about corruption and fraud within their own fields.  They disclosed the truth of past and current events within their fields and specialties.   Many spoke about the ongoing fraud, and the enslavement agendas behind many of the systems which have held sway over our societies and global populations.  The brave spoke openly about the real and hidden powers behind these systems and named names.  Some openly revealed the players that go beyond the names we read about and spoke of those previously only whispered about in secret places.

There has been a large release of information and disclosure since the early 1990’s.  Sadly, much of it is being scrubbed off the net now.  For those old enough to remember, they might also remember that what seemed, “so far out there” and “crazy” and “unbelievable” that was being spoken about in public at that time – has since revealed itself to be accurate and true.  (With more revealing itself in future that will take away any doubts.)

If there is a single line to best describe 2020 and on, it would be, “The Walls Are Falling Down”.

Things that were disclosed and revealed throughout the 1990’s, are now publicly manifesting their inability to sustain the illusion and lies, and are now falling down.

“Nothing is as it appears” becomes naked and seen to even those who don’t want to see it.

The walls of politics are falling down.

The walls of religions (plural) are falling down.

The walls of bad medicine are falling down.

The walls of socially engineered education are falling down.

The walls of deceptive science are becoming obvious.

The collapsing financial systems have begun to wreak havoc globally.


It is a scary time for the anxious and those who want these crumbling systems to remain.

It is an exciting time for those who can see what comes beyond the time of falling walls.

The simplest map is one that indicates where walls will fall, and when possible, how those walls will fall.  Information eases the shock for people as their paradigms are torn apart.  Knowing that it is “not the end” helps to sustain hope.  In many instances it gives people a path out, when there appears to be no path out.

It also psychologically prepares the people who sit, watch, observe, and know that they have things to speak, write, do – to prepare to become voices during the seasons of collapse, especially when they have not been voices before.  The younger generations, and people within them, who oftentimes have been looked at as less than, are coming into their own.  Their time is approaching.  Their painful experiences have been honing them.

Younger voices will have their time of “revelation and integration” with understanding of the times and real events within them.  They will have their own new awakening and find their voice.

Integration and deeper awakening are difficult to do when we are part of a pack with loud and misleading voices, who override the quiet internal voice speaking to each of us individually.  The seasons ahead, given to us, will allow time for personal spiritual perspective, evaluation, and weighing within ourselves.  It is these seasons that allow the integration of our spirit to manifest with clarity of mind, and become one in focus and purpose within.  A peace that is not disturbed or disrupted by startling and dangerous upcoming events on the earth.

It won’t be the mind leading us in days ahead.  It will be that which dwells within us and is eternal.  It will be that which understands how to differentiate the truth in the midst of so many lies.  It will be that within you which “knows” what your mind has not yet integrated with, but which will balance and keep calm the mind so that we do not fall apart when much around us is falling.

Many will come out to prop up the falling walls.  They will want the old familiar dying systems to remain.

Others will want to tear these walls down prematurely, not caring if their methods crush people in the process.

It is the personal integration of body, mind, spirit that will bring us to that place of personal discernment and direction about who and what we can trust in days ahead.  Lives will depend upon it.

Those who can see what’s on the other side of the collapsing systems, and understand that it will take another decade to walk through, do understand that we are in one of the most fragile times of our history.

Who you are with.  Where you live.  Who your support system is.  All become critically important.  Important for personal, psychological and physical safety in days ahead.

Let’s start talking about the “broad strokes” of the falling walls and simultaneous implosions within the systems that are happening.  Let’s begin doing it piece by piece.

The “new thing” incoming is not a regurgitation of something from the historical past.  Our times and events will be disparate.

Revival will not be in any of its old forms.

Disclosure will not be the slow drip that it has been.

Lethality of technology, science and medicine will have something to take their place.


We will be separating into a two-world system.

Not in the form of categorizing first world from everyone else, but a literal two world system.  One where those who hold to all that is old and dying will live in that paradigm.

And one where people, who chose to, will come into a different place with different laws of existence.

This is a lot for some people to get their mind around.  I realize that.

But I also know that millions of people are – already in the understanding of it.

Bit by bit, let’s talk about all of this … here, elsewhere and throughout 2020 and beyond, while we are still allowed to speak such things in public.

What has been before has passed.  What is upcoming has not been before.


The 10 Lane Highway


I recently became aware of something that first stunned me, then made me angry, and then finally made me feel sorry for people involved.  This blog comes out of those events.

We are currently living in the midst of both a political system that is coming apart in shambles, and a financial/economic system which is revealing itself to be more like a mafia style Gangopoly.   As the political system falls apart, and its corruption and lawlessness is revealed, the financial one hobbles along, while hiding behind the skirts of every real and manufactured crisis.

This has caused people who see what is happening to look for places to shelter while chaos ensues.

(ALLEGORY ALERT!)  To reach shelter – usually requires getting on a highway, getting into a lane, and being focused on the desired final destination.  Detour Roads run parallel to the highway.  Lots and lots of tempting detours.

Vehicles getting onto the highway keep an eye on the traffic.  Large cars, medium cars, larger semi trucks.  All getting in the lane that they are most comfy driving in, with each lane having a self-determined speed.  The lanes are ample, and each vehicle is safe within its own lane.

The secondary thing that happens is that people with many differing ideas, pasts, experiences pack into those individual vehicles.  Most understand the size and power of their own vehicles, and usually drive cautiously in a straight line toward their ultimate destination.

Others get into their vehicles, swerve all through the lanes of the highway believing that they are capable of popping wheelies in a spin – without knocking out a few other cars in the process.    They absolutely think it’s a fun, ironic, and wild high IQ ride, and never see the havoc left behind.  “It’s about the Thrill man!”  Without understanding that spinning head on at others is a dangerous, wreakless, and destructive thing.

There are rest stops along the way.  Many vehicles pull off at the same rest areas, where they can discuss the journey and what’s going on in Their Lane.

Interesting patterns have emerged at these rest areas.  Decade old patterns.  These are always the same.

Netflix Characters Appear.

The usual bathroom stalker, the usual punk who is sent to start a fight among the travelers as purses and bags are stolen by third parties, the guys who drink or start crazy talk:

“Let’s BEND those other guys driving in Lane 5 over to Lane 8!”

“I don’t like Their Speed, it’s bugging me!”

Then there’s the brave observer with the,  “If they don’t do THIS – We’re Gonna DESTROY THEM!”.

The sincere ones work with the passion of a zealot.  Others just get a thrill from the destruction and the games.

Time and time again, Big Divisions happen at these rest stops.  Vehicles get damaged.  People get discouraged.  Some simply back track on the road.  Others pull off the highway altogether.  While others still, simply get back on the highway, and pull away from the pack at the Rest Stop.

This behavior often repeats itself at Rest Stop after Rest Stop – decade after decade.

Periodically, women with children who watch this, begin to shout out all the names of past detours, reminding people of how this always ends.  Occasionally, a guy in a polo shirt starts yelling, “Mommie, Mommie, make her stop!”  Most laugh.  Some get hurt.  Others become confused and discouraged.  The low brow see it as an opportunity to keep doing more behind the scenes.  Others use it to hammer in their own political agendas.

Observers, not on the highway, can easily see what’s going on.  They see that simple car markings would ease tension and provide clarity.  A simple, “What’s your logo?”, becomes, “What Is Your Mission Statement?”

When mission statements are clear, people stay or change to another lane – by choice.

Confusion Reigns when there is no clearly stated mission statement, and more so when people assume that all the cars, vehicles, and trucks – are supposed to be moving forward in 1 single lane – while the many systems collapse.

“Racist Liiiiiiberaaaaaaaaal”.  No.  It’s about the varying circumstances and locations of people living in the midst of falling systems.  It’s also about doing what is right for each person and family – while still being part of a large overall group – with long term similar goals and purpose.

Sometimes some involved in Lane Number Eight, just don’t like the mission statement of Lane Number Five, and they genuinely, and wrongly believe, that Arm Twisting or in the alternative “Let’s Destroy Them” actions, serve some kind of beneficial service and purpose for the greater whole.

These, are not like the little boys in polo shirts who yell, “Mommmmmie!”.  These are not the yapping dogs barking, “You Jew! Jew! Name! Name! Cat! Cat!” for six years.  These guys, know how to escalate things to the detriment of the whole.

And so here we are.  We’re at the “Rest Area” discussing ideas and finally admitting what’s going on.  (Me in my lane, and you observing what’s happening on it – from yours.)

Perhaps it’s time for people to clearly define their lanes and vehicles with Mission Statements, (Not because it’s a “Fed” issue, but because of the ongoing “People’s Confusion Issue”.)  This clarification allows people to choose the lane that best suits them within their own situation, and personal perception, as well as their personal ability to enter waters which are safest for them at that time.  While still safely remaining on the Highway with 10 lanes going forward.

This becomes especially important for new people, as well as younger and older people just waking up.   It’s equally important as laws change.  It’s unfair for people to believe that they are a part of a group with one set of values, to later learn the group has their own hidden values and agendas beneath the public face.

Picking Lanes.  Not all people want to go to college or belong to a think tank.  Many are happy with a high school education.  They want to stay on the same highway, but they also want to travel at self- determined speeds.

Others are farmers and builders, and need to build and plant things that can grow for generations beyond their own.

Others still, really are a demolition crew, but they need to be focused on how and what they are helping take down in the midst of chaos, while mindful of not injuring their own.  (Violence is not on the table here in any of this blog.)

Additionally, there is an unseen aspect to all of this, which effects and affects each lane, and we have to talk about it.

It’s the Metaphysical one.

Every political and economic system has a metaphysical component to it.

Those in our own governments know this and use their own rituals, magic, etc., to keep their dying systems going.  Some of these rituals are very public.  We are in them.  There are people who simply do not see this yet. This part of Truth is still too dark and deep for a surprising number of people.

As these systems come apart, and are being exposed bit by bit publicly, the priests and magicians of these systems intensify the metaphysical tools available to them.

Many think of wars as simple “go get um” wars.  Most of us however, understand that a war – is not – just a physical war, be it an economic one, one using bombs and men as fodder, or the use of propaganda in the news.  We also know that other means of high tek, chemicals, etc., which can change the lives of literally millions at a time, are currently being used.  Those in position to educate should not feel constrained from bringing these subjects to the forefront for those who are interested.  A full octave has more than one note.

Let’s talk about the other thing that each lane and vehicle consist of ….

Resonance & Emanation.

Each vehicle and the inhabitants – have an Individual Resonance and Emanation.

It becomes a tangibly fragrant resonance and emanation to individuals, when it is in the same resonance field as your own, and terribly pungent when it’s not.

It’s the, like it or not, spiritual aspect of something that appears to not be spiritual – but is.

People are drawn or repelled by the Resonance/Emanation of the lane and group.  Often without knowing or understanding it, yet people still do subliminally feel it. (Think of men/women saying, “something about him/her just turns me off and rubs me the wrong way, but I don’t know why”, when there is no justifiable cause they can point to.)

People leave a group or chose not to go further with a group – due to that.  You can’t force people into your lane.  It’s not always about your political position.  Sometimes it really is – about you.  The metaphysical you.  While others will happily run to be in your lane.

It’s also why someone can deliver an amazing speech, which people struggle to listen to, while someone else at the same event gives one in simpler words and concepts, and people cheer.  It’s not about IQ.  It’s about the Resonance & Emanation of the group, and the speaker.  People can fake a Resonance and Emanation for some time, but ultimately who they are leaks through.  (Narcissists do this concealment shift with love bombing, but cannot contain their real persona and resonance and emanation long term.  It’s usually at the point of exposure that they begin to attack those who can see through the act.  Then they ghost people.  It’s a pattern that is seen repetitively in relationships when people do not understand what they’re really drawn to in the other person.)  Lanes and vehicles are no different.  We want to be where we feel safest on a subliminal level.  We want to be with those who “feel like us”.

All political systems have a Resonance & Emanation which manifests in ways that deeply affect our lives, and do have daily impact upon us.  It’s why people can live in peace time, and still feel oppressed, even when no one is banging at their door.  (It’s part of why poc will say they feel oppressed in a large group of whites, even when no one is oppressing them.)

Some of these past political systems, and their resonance and emanations have become so smelly even adherents of them could no longer abide them, and tore their own systems down.  That too, was a different kind of Resonance.


The Ambulance.

There are many of them in the various lanes.  Many. A lot of our people are coming in very battered and bruised.  They are not finding what they need in schools and churches.  The ambulances have become a hospital, a place of restoration, and a place of healthy re-education and healing.

Leaders within lanes are finding themselves in the midst of the cross over between physical and spiritual work.

People who need them – need – Them.

They don’t need Lane 8 today.  But they surely do need Lanes 4 or 5,6,7.

What is your Mission Statement?  Which is your lane?

What is the difference between a Rest Stop, and being back on the 10 Lane Highway, where there is more than enough room for all?

We’ve been stuck at the Rest Stop for a few years.  It has not been a healthy stay.  The sewers have backed up and the toilet paper is gone.  It’s time to get back on the road.

Let’s remember this – the walls up ahead will be closing in – the lanes will merge at different points on the highway.  These merges will become more and more frequent.  Those who can see down the road, can easily see that what matters to you – so much today, will not matter later, as these lane merges become more and more frequent.  (Requires another blog to explain the multiple upcoming merges.)

Meanwhile, people do remain on the Same One Highway, in different lanes, but all going in the Same Direction.

I’m in my lane here.  I like the speed, I like the bigger typing space, and the guy who does not believe in free speech, who thinks he’s in Lane 11 can’t tell me to be quiet.  What’s your lane?

See you at the next Rest Stop!


I am no longer accepting e-mail.  If anyone has questions, comments, or an idea they want me to write about (hopefully, of the woo variety) drop me a post on my Open Time Line @VeraLokteff on twitter. If you DM – I’ll reply on TL.

If you’re a Sperg, a little on the edge, or just really believe that you need to stick it to someone else, send your info elsewhere.  If it’s life and death – do it publicly so everyone else can see it too.




High T Women, Low T Men & Ode To Boomer Men

I remember a time when women were honest about themselves.  They got up on specific days of their cycle and simply admitted to themselves, and their husbands or boyfriends, that for no rational reason – they awoke with an overwhelming desire to slam doors and bite someone.   Anyone.  For no reason.  We did not pretend that it was a good day to be someone’s “boss”.  We understood it back then.  We were in the loop about understanding that a load of Testosterone was dumping into our system, and that the days ahead were charted, and may not be pleasant for those around us.  This forced us to somewhat police ourselves.  What we said.  How we behaved.

Then the Women’s Movement told us that this was all a lie – and simply in – Our Head.

The men in our lives carried a lot more Testosterone in their bodies back in those days, and this made it much easier for them to handle our monthly Testosterone dumps.  Our men were men.  They knew how to make jokes about things, and how to stay out of the way, and live their lives in a satisfying and happy way.  They knew normalcy would return.  They had stamina, mental fortitude, and Enough Testosterone to deal with their women during testosterone dumps.

  1. Scientific and Medical reports now acknowledge that men’s testosterone levels are down by one half of what their father’s generation testosterone levels were. Simultaneously, estrogen levels for these lower T men, is now higher than in previous generations.

This gets one really wondering if much, or at least some, of the younger generation’s “Woman” hatred is not about some of the younger men becoming more like the hormonal “bitchy women” they complain about.  Do they miss The Irony that they have begun to work with the feminists across the aisle in their verbiage against men? (Feminists claim their woes are due to White Men.  Younger generation men now claim their problems are due in part to “Boomer Men”.)

Look, I get it – there is plenty to complain about.  I sat on a plane with a man in his late twenties, who spent two and a half hours complaining about what “whores” American women are.  I could easily understand his point of view.  The part he could not get his head wrapped around, in the telling of his own story, was that his girlfriend was “acting psycho” because she could not handle his going out to night clubs – alone – with his guy friends.  Tomatoe Tomato.

Dispelling The Boomer Male Myth.  Young men today seem to enjoy expressing their opinion about the stupidity of Boomer Men and their generation.  I know Boomer Males.  I love Boomer Males.  If anything Boomer Males have taught me, it is how to be – a better woman.

They have taught me that Partnerships in Relationships are what create long lasting bonds.  They have taught me that Respect & Trust given in – both directions – is respect and trust that lasts a lifetime.  I honor the Boomer High T men.  They have helped us raise children, they have in times of hardship been; lover, parent, and pillar of strength – to the women in their lives – when we have needed that from them.

There is a gentleness in Boomer men that is rare in the younger generations today.  Do not misperceive me.  Boomer men had a lot of testosterone, and knew their own minds.  They had fortitude that got them through wars, and back home again, and kept them going out into the job market during recessions.  They found strength in youth to find a reason to Still Believe, when everything round about them, began to crumble due to the false paradigms that had been woven into their lives.  They have survived national wars and national traumas that the younger male generations do not seem to want to acknowledge or understand.

I love Boomer men.  I thank Boomer men.  And what I love most about Boomer men, is the honest fact that Boomer men – love women.

What do the younger generations do, to fix the issue of their low testosterone counts, while absorbing so much female estrogen?  Setting the joking and irony aside, they are victims of an agenda which goes far beyond “women” and “boomer men”.  We must begin to understand this before we can begin to reverse the chaos in our societies.    

Finally, let’s not forget – any social ideology that does not encourage voluntary procreation, and love and cherishing of the opposite sex, is an ideology gone amuck.  We need each other.  Men need women.  Women need men.  To pretend otherwise, is to lead many astray.

Much love to all of you men – of all generations.

Vera Lokteff




The Box

I was recently given a gift.  A beautiful, perfectly sized, journal.  The cover is in one of my favorite hues of lavender with one of those perfect hard cover leather type bindings.  It came wrapped in cellophane to keep the cover pristine.  I held it in my hand and with gratitude exclaimed, “Perfect size!  This is easily grabbed from my purse for taking quick notes!  And sooooo pretty!  Thank you!”

I did not unwrap the cellophane, thinking it best to keep the cover pretty.  I put it into my purse and did not look at it again until I needed to take down some important information.  That’s when the trouble started…

Who could have imagined that a Journal which markets itself for “Recording Every Wonderful Day” would not come – lined or in the least – a simple blank page?  This journal came with each page full of hundreds and hundreds of dark inked very small boxes – to write in.  Every single page was like this.  A Journal full of boxes.   To be specific – there were four hundred and eight square boxes on each front and back of each four by six inch page.  Try to visualize that.   Boxes.  In dark ink.

I tried to ignore the boxes and hurried to write my notes.  Each individual box was too small to write a complete word in it so I tried writing sloppily across the grid.  This made it difficult to read what I had written as the box lines got in the way of the cursive straight lined letters.

I took another approach and tried to size my letters so that one letter fit into each small square box.  This made it difficult to read because the letters seemed to stand alone and be too individualized.  The words seemed to spread out into a  – meaningless jumble of ongoing letters from the alphabet.

Spacing became another issue.  How many empty boxes does one skip for space between words versus the number of empty boxes skipped between sentences?

Looking at the journal, and those Individual Stand Alone Letters sitting in their own individual grid boxes – made my head hurt.  It was like trying to read through spaghetti.

At this point I became chagrined, because I had so openly expressed my joy about the color, quality, and size of the Journal which touted itself for “recording every wonderful day” as I stuck it into my purse with the cello wrap – that my husband had gone out and bought me – more of them.  It now dawned on me that I most likely had the same problem with the beautiful powder blue, navy, red, and teal colored same brand “journals” which now lived on my shelf – waiting to be used.

I held the journal and opened it to the middle.  I was feeling hostile toward this cute little journal now, and wondered, “Is this for people who record the daily temperature in grids?”

“Is this for engineers who need little boxes to record degrees/latitudes in tiny boxes?”

“Is this for someone who Graphs the quality of their Wonderful Days?!”

I asked people around me if they knew “Who would need/use such a journal?”

Crickets.  No one had a clue.

They were however, entertained and intrigued, by the fact that its stated purpose, “Journal”, was clear and right there on its – face.

“Who the heck is this Journal – FOR?!”  I ask again.   “It’s for people who live in small boxes.  And all their 408 neighbors who live in their own tiny tight box right next door!”  I thought to myself.

This got me thinking ….

Holy Source does not live, nor exist – IN –  a or The box.  Holy Source manifests in the box because we are there.  This means that no writ, no script can ever – fit into any 1 single box – and contain all truth within it.  Just as I could not fit even one single full Word into one tiny square box.

I thought about the dark ink grid, and how it is much like the Matrix Grid we live in, where we try to perceive  Eternal Truth through the prism of all these lines, boxes, containments, and limitations, much like looking through a prison cell.

I believe this – to see Truth – at whichever level – the Grid Box Must Come Down.  We all live in different kinds of tiny boxes, within a page of neighbors living within their own tiny boxes.  We often feel mentally safest remaining on that page where other people in their boxes too, believe that All Truth “can be and is”  contained within those four walls of dark ink.

It can be difficult to communicate thoughts, ideas, and share concerns, joys or experience –  heart to heart or spirit to spirit –  when we are blinded by that dark ink, which sets the boundary and containment line for the box we never leave.

But, what if we become brave enough to let the ink and box around us – melt away?  Will we find that there are others who have let their containment melt away as well?  What if we find that there are five or ten or one hundred souls, who lived in small boxes which are no longer walled and separate  …… and because of this …. have created a larger vista for the rest of us ….. of what lays beyond our containment?

What if box by box, confined page by confined page – we bring down the lie – and are then brought into closer proximity, contact, and relationship – with Holy Source – Outside the limitations of any confinement?  These are pleasant thoughts to my soul.

I am on the road today, but do wish I had access to a fireplace, so that I could symbolically burn this beautiful gridlocked journal in a fire, and symbolically make the walls of containment in my own life – less than dust.

Perhaps someone reading this, will burn yard debris or grill this weekend …  perhaps you can walk it out for me, and maybe for yourself too, and symbolically burn a paper grid down to  — less than dust.  If you do — please know that my joy and gratitude goes far beyond – This 3D Grid!!!!!

And is far greater than when I first looked at that pretty little thing…

Vera Lokteff

Understanding Spiritual Timelines Via Current Political Events

Many American Christians are troubled by political events which swarm in the midst of their lives today.  They often speak loudly and clearly, that we should keep our political views separate from our Christian perspective.  They do this because most of us have been taught (in churches) to ignore the fact that Jesus’ opponents were mostly – politically motivated and/or were individuals who were lawyers, educators,  and religious leaders who worked hard to protect their turf – so as not to lose their own power base and financial benefit.

In other words politics have long ago – clashed with spirituality, for the simple reason that politicians and those of their ilk, have for most of history, attempted to control the minds, thoughts, and free will of  humans for reasons of personal gain and power .  In other words – they work really hard – to keep you in Captivity.  All kinds of captivity, including the bigger kind Jesus spoke of.

As Christians, we must begin to view “political events” with a Spiritual Eye, and begin to discern that there is a very clear Timeline, which was foretold and laid out for us.  It is the Timeline where we are not pacifists.  Those who can even vaguely discern the times and timeline we are on – do know that there is much work at hand.  Work that was foretold.  Work that was promised.  Work that is exciting and is part of our Christian heritage and legacy.  Beyond that, it is part of our spirit DNA legacy – and promise.

Look around you, nation after nation now have internal systems which have begun to break down and/or fall apart.  Internal systems within Europe and other nations – are also being redesigned to become – Unsustainable.

The smallest examples of this are the constant, chronic, ongoing wars, the intentional displacement of peoples, the intentional population replacement within western countries which forces the working population to support more and more foreign “welfare recipients”, while being unable to provide for their own families, etc., etc.

These systems, in turn require more and more growth in government, with added paid government agents, agencies, and administrators, who oversee the costs and provisions for war, and housing, medical care, food and services to legal and illegal – immigrants – who immediately benefit from the system, while never having paid into it.

The destruction of families is well facilitated within these programs and systems, by encouraging women to become single mothers – for benefits, while not qualifying for these same benefits – if married.

But wait … there’s more …..

The Weaponization of Words  by media – is something most of us understand as being just one piece within the arsenal of the Invisible War long in play.  The Weaponization Of Words has varying national and global modes of destruction.  The first stages of weaponizing words –  disempowers – individuals.  It later disenfranchises  individuals, families, and organizations.

It keeps escalating into larger and larger ripples, until it completely devolves and destroys what we had heretofore considered – humane, civil, mentally sound, legal, and morally permissible.  Later new words of Violence & Murder – become publicly acceptable and approved.  We have all seen how this works since Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Law makers take these weaponized words and transform existing laws into something new, which can hold a larger, and tighter stranglehold upon one segment of humanity, while giving license for violence to another segment of “humans”.  Thus we have rapes of European women which go unreported to and by the police and in the news,  and when reported, go unpunished in the courts.  In this inverse world speaking Truth – puts individuals into jail.  Speaking truth becomes “sedition”.

Yes.  There is still more ….

Educational Systems – take these weaponized words and changed laws and teach new courses based upon these weaponized words and changed laws –  and use both of these to take control of the minds of each successive generation.  Thereby, sons and fathers are mostly at odds with one another, and should a son later come to view things as his father does – any grandson who attends the educational system – holds a stronger chance that – he may yet be converted to be the enemy of both his father and grandfather.

Think of it as a wash cycle.  Each cycle washes out the truth previously known.  It then rinses the mind clean with new indoctrination, and spins the new indoctrination hard and fast, so the young mind has no time to process what is being done to it.   And so ….. each new season of “students” or “parishioners” come through the wash –  time and time again and –  voila!  Again and again …. The cycle deepens and broadens, and expands into more and yet greater degeneracy, lawlessness, acceptance of degeneracy and violence and bloodshed – within even those – who had previously disagreed with such acts of violence, degeneracy, and lawlessness.

Make no mistake – the demons and their minions have crawled out of the pit – and whether you see it or not – there is a target on your back.

Some people pooh-pooh all of this and say, “Oh, this is happening because the Rapture is coming.”

Look at that scripture again.  Not the way you were told to read and understand it.  Let’s look at it the way Jesus – explained it.  It speaks about those who are – removed.  They will be devoured by birds of prey.

You are the prey.  You have – been the prey – for a long time.

In schools, in weaponized words, in new laws, in changed and amended laws, and often times in church… You … are the prey.  Please, get this through your head, and try to begin to see that the Political Timeline which you have been averse to acknowledging – has already overlapped – your very personal and spiritual one.

Lastly, people often tell me about what is going on with them spiritually.  The one thing that I have found consistent from people who speak about a specific topic as to the USA – is that most of these people appear to live in the United States of America, and what they tell me is that,  they have begun to weep for the nation.  More and more they are awakened with verse from Jeremiah, and weep for the nation.  We live on a timeline that is already in play.  Do we work and create a push back, so that many others can still awaken?  Or do we just sit back, let the demons take over, and let those who now weep, begin to speak words – from which a nation – will be unable to retreat?

Vera Lokteff

Who Is Our Family?

I have a friend, who at the age of four, came into certain and definite knowledge of the existence and presence of Jesus in her life.  The interesting thing about her is that her parents were atheists, who never spoke of Jesus, nor allowed the subject of Jesus in their home.  She did not own a Bible.

If you ask her, she will tell you that she has had a love/brother relationship with Jesus since the age of 4.  Yet in physical 3D reality she only came to know about him in the religious world scope of teaching about Jesus, decades later, when a neighbor read a chapter out of the book of Revelations to her while having a conversation – over the fence.

Hope (Yes really.) tells me that hearing those words read to her- sparked something within her.  She explains it as an inner spirit knowledge, which made its way to her conscious mind, and current earth memory.  The fact that she already knew Jesus, loved him, and knew that she had “always loved him”, though more real than anything else in her life in experience,  came into deeper context when she learned about words that existed – in the Bible.

If you meet her you will find that though a mother of eight children, and though in her seventies, she is without a doubt a – young soul.  Shiny.  Bright.  Funny.  Full of Hope.  Ferocious in spirit.  She frightens some people and heals others by her presence and joy.  Some do not know what to make of the place where she walks.

I have traveled with her extensively.  She has been my traveling companion when family members could not accompany me on speaking trips.  She has traveled paths with me that were both safe and unsafe in the physical plane.  I have watched her pray, laugh, and joke her way through dangerous events – and watched her doze off to sleep in peaceful rest –  once her work was done.

She has walked into my hotel room many a time, looked at me with seriousness and certainty and said, “You are going to be in real danger when you go there.  I’m going with you!”  She has been right every time.  She has been an angel in disguise in my life – many times.

I have another friend, who grew up in a southern Baptist church, who had never been taught of re-incarnation.  Yet she absolutely and concretely knew with certainty, that she had walked the planet before.  A prior existence on the planet made no sense within the confines of her religious teaching and church experience.  She had no one to share with.  She had no one to question.  Exposure in church would have been certain censure and possibly worse.  Jesus had never been the question for her.  Jesus was her certainty.  Her tenacity and perseverance for “more truth” that her family could not comprehend,  confused them,  but drove her to a deeper relationship with Jesus from the time she was eighteen.

I also remember a night in Kyoto Japan, when a Japanese man in his forties, a Buddhist, and a man in local government came up to me after I had finished speaking and said, “I know the devil is my father.  I don’t want him to be my father anymore.”  He had tears in his eyes.  His face was pained.  He knew what he knew, and he knew that he wanted a solution for his dilemma.

My talk had been about the upcoming Kobe earthquake on the Friday night before it happened.

It seemed off topic – I had been stunned to hear myself speak what seemed like misplaced words coming out of my mouth at the end of a talk to about fifty people, “It does not matter who your spiritual father is, you can align with Another Father who does love you, and is the one that you can love.”  And thus the lovely Japanese man standing in front of me speaking life changing words.

One must understand Japanese culture to know what a huge deal it was for this man to say such a thing, and to say such a thing to me; a stranger, a foreigner, a woman.

Things like this are happening everywhere.  Regardless of country, race, gender, social class.  I and others have been witness to such things again and again – since the mid 1990’s when the overt and heavy dimensional overlaps began peaking.

Perhaps I am writing this for people who are waking up in churches and places where you think things – such those which you suddenly know and understand – should not be happening.  And yet, with every fiber within you, you know that what you know – is real.

To voice it audibly may be scary for you, because what you now know does not align with what you were taught – or never taught.  And yet, there it is – you now know –  what you know.

A knowing and an understanding of the spirit.  It can be a lonely place when it first happens, but also is a wonderful place – as we come deeper in.

This leaves us with the question “Who is our family?”  It’s an important question, at this time,  when many seek to find their own kind – in Spirit.

Some of our family members have begun to soar.  They are healthy, and we recognize them when we meet them.  They are like a healing balm and a fresh cool glass of water in the parched desert.  Many of them are the Daniels and seers, and those who will be victorious in days ahead.  They were long ago promised to be here at this time. They have been taking their positions in many locations, within many nations, around the globe. Many of them are – quite young.

Other family members – are not so healthy in this season of change.  They do not yet know the season, and so cling more ardently to literal words of writ without spirit or  context.  We must be patient with them.  This is where we turn the other cheek.  Many of them are older, but will understand further down the road.

I think a lot about those who are family – but are like fragile little chicks that are caught in a rainstorm without shelter.  Their feathers have been soaked and they are windblown.  They are so little and so vulnerable.  Some have been badly bruised, and they do all they can to hold on to life (a faith).  We must stand for them, carry them, believe for them, and when possible be their angels in disguise and help heal them – until they are able to stand on their own again.

And while we recognize each other and are full of joy, and remember those who are not in great shape, we must remember too that so many of these who are bruised – have had to go through the equivalent of violent physical wars – in their journeys to break free from religious bondage, which had kept them bowing within the synagogue of Satan.  We must be a light for them.  A light that shines bright so they can see what lurks in the dark ready to devour them and pull them further into darkness and hopelessness.

Family of spirit.  Family from home.  I have been so blessed to meet many members of my family, from all over the world.  The love and joy when we see each other face to face is difficult to contain.  Once experienced –  that safety, that joy, that easy understanding between family members who hold as privilege that which is sacred and holy – leaves no misunderstanding of who real family – is.

God Bless You.

Vera Lokteff

Can We Stop The Drums Of War?

The drums of war play out in intimate settings within homes across all nations.  The drums of war play out on the streets of Europe and the Americas within protests and street attacks.  The drums of war are beaten each day as nation rises against nation – crossing the red line.  The drums of war sound the alarm as religions rise up, one against the other, upon the earth.

Where are sane men, women, and children – to go – when our leaders desire war?

On the smallest ripple of the discussion – we speak of Banker’s Wars, and of oil needing to get to market to keep the currency wars going.  Some speak of the American military industrial complex and its need to keep perpetual wars going.

Some speak of beliefs requiring marching toward doom in expectation of “fulfilled promises” and “final days and final wars” involving the return and/or arrival of various notable figures.  Few of our conversations and debates provide us with an adequate answer to –

“Why is mankind not allowed to live in peace?!”

“WHY war – decade after decade – for hundreds and thousands of Years?!”

“WHY don’t we – stand up and say, “Enough!”?

Millions upon millions of people on this planet today – detest war.  They hate watching the displacement of peoples on the planet.  They hate their government’s participation in the destruction of millions of civilians’ lives.  They hate seeing the aftermath of bombs, which have turned families, homes, and lives – to ruble.

Most of us have had enough – of war.  Even when it is on “foreign soil”.

Many Americans, of various political persuasions, have long asked themselves some version of the question – “WHY has my nation become such a thug and a bitch on the earth?!  Killing.  Killing.  More Killing.  How much is Enough killing for the deep state of the United States of America?!”

In the past few days, weeks and months we have been fed “news” of  the USA’s intention to cause more harm, more killing, more bombing, and more destruction – in other nations.  This week even Communist Americans voice their approval for change of regime in Iran and Central America.  Intervention.  Destruction.  Chaos.

We were promised an end to war by two presidents; one a democrat, the other a Republican.  And yet, the deep state war drum – drums on.

Perhaps it is time we stop asking questions in silence, and begin to unite and ask these questions boldly and loudly.  Perhaps it is best that we Demand changes to long going policies by hidden agents which profit from the misery and pain of humans.  Perhaps it is time that we collectively demand that those who have been duly elected now fulfill their promises to – Cease War.

We are at a crossroad.  We must ask ourselves and answer honestly,  “Do I Love those around me enough to care about – THEIR Future?”

Globally, we must be honest about whether we are willing to stand together and say, “Enough!” to lawlessness in the streets of our nations, as well as lawlessness in the places where decisions for war are made.

Do we have the strength to stand up and say, “Enough!” to those politicians who hunger for more blood, more death, and more destruction – while making millions/billions on war?

Do we have the fortitude to come together and begin to pray and meditate for change – Together – to create a metaphysical change that can manifest in 3D?

Do we have the strength to stand up to those who have repeatedly promised “change” only to allow more lawlessness into our nations, and more war and bloodshed and death in – Other Nations – as well?

The Millennials and Gen X’ers blame the Boomers for not having done more to hold back the tides of lawlessness and depravity, which wash over nations today.  I believe that it is not yet too late for Gen Z, Millennials, X’ers, Boomers, and All Else – to unite in purpose – against the forces that attempt to take over the globe at this hour.  We all stand to lose if we do not stand together.

Resistance is not futile.

Those who know and understand how to do it – must begin to follow up in united prayer, meditation, and purposed metaphysical creative works – to push back forces that would devour us nation by nation, and ultimately  body, mind, and soul.

Together…..  One in purpose – with honesty and truth – we can push this monster back into retreat, and if we want, we can subdue it.  It starts in the quiet, where metaphysical work and thoughts are unseen, but are joined with the wave of desire and purpose of all of those who are like us.  We can become The Flood that washes it away.

Vera Lokteff

Our Personal Apocalypse

Before we speak about anything to do with any upcoming Apocalypse (es), let’s first address the fact that millions of people today misuse this word.  Apocalypse, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary means:  To disclose, A prophetic disclosure; revelation.

In ancient Greek days the word meant disclosure of – Knowledge.  As in a lifting of the veil.  A revealing.

At times people who cling to religious dogma –  use the word  apocalypse synonymously with “Revelations of John” and speak primarily of cataclysmic events of destruction, rather than a revelation of truth in the greater sense of Revelation & Disclosure.

Millions of people wait for the “Apocalypse of Nations” as in today’s religious meaning of destruction and havoc.  However, the truth is that we are instead, all in the midst of our own Personal Apocalypse.  A time of Self-Revelation and Self-Disclosure.

In other words, like it or not, most people are running out of space and time to lie about themselves – to themselves.

The dimensional overlaps of the 1990s have left many residual consequences and opportunities, which began to manifest themselves in clear and overt ways in the latter part of 2011.  One of these was the beginning of a global season of division and separation into like, and unlike minded people, which went from the smallest ripples of friendships to the largest ripples within corporate and global power interests.

On the smallest ripple of this division many people found themselves suddenly looking at people they had known for decades with the sudden realization of, “My family is not my tribe!” or “My friends are Not from of my same spirit type or mindset!”  What was tolerable for so many years prior – became suffocating, insufferable, and burdensome.

And thus, even amongst people we did not expect to be affected, we witnessed an increase in divisions, breakups, divorces, separations within churches, organizations, splintering within philosophical thought, political alliances, and financial goals within groups, who had previously been on the – Same Page.

The goals, beliefs, principles, and agendas within these groups began to fragment, to separate, and to be viewed from differing perspectives within what used to be long known and agreed to – parameters and boundaries.  In simple terminology – people and sheeples everywhere were becoming more and more aware of their confinement, whether that confinement was physical, psychological, theoretical, philosophical – or spiritual.

In other words, it was not rare to see people finding themselves out of alignment with people they had known, worked with, and cared about – for decades.

Add to this, the fact that millions of people began to rouse from a haze and began thinking about disregarding their blood lines, their relations, their religions, their cultural backgrounds, their sex – and began to search for – Their Tribe, which aligned with beliefs and values, closer to their own.

People began overtly, if quietly, seeking those who truly felt like “home” and “my kind”.

This has been happening all over the world in greater and greater preponderance since the latter part of 2011.  The timing on this is not coincidental, and does go beyond the normal social engineering in place at that time.  (Yes, I understand that social engineering plays a part in all of this.  However, your “engineers” pick and choose their timing on their propaganda – with specific and precise alacrity, when other dimensional effects and opportunities are in play, and are conducive, for them.)

Each successive year has deepened the alliances within the separating groups who were out to

“Find Their Tribe” and/or their “Spirit Family”, and effectively people began to align with their real family – of spirit, or in the least “begin a search” for what was closest to home for them.  And thus the alignments went beyond the bloodline family, beyond the state, and beyond the individual nation.

Millions of people seeking out others with whom they felt “safe” were first led to the loudest voices, and many found themselves more confused, more lost than before, in dead ends and unsafe places, and never really understanding what “safe place” actually meant or felt like.  And thus for many – the internal interpersonal – shut down.

People who were not aware of what was really going on (globally) began to speak of “energies”, and an engineered circumstance by sinister forces.  Yet factually – it was simply The Time for these divisions and yearnings to address “who is family” and “what” family means  – to start coming to the forefront of human consciousness.  People began to consciously hunger for a greater sense of family alignment, which goes beyond our current small ripple 3D engineered understanding.

So here we are now.  2018.  Now is about understanding that the “us” within us is the “Hidden Us”.

It is about the unseen, and often times unknown – us.

For some, these intervening years have been a gradual process of chaos, confusion, and alienation.

Many of us have refused to allow the apocalypse from within.

For others, it has been a wonderful time of Revealing of true self, and coming into the knowledge of the place our true self holds on this planet today.  For these people the real purpose of “being here” right now, is in the process of being exposed, disclosed, revealed, and consciously – known.

Time is revealing us.  The multi-dimensional aspect of Time is overlapping us.

The hidden mirror of self-reflection is not always easy.  And yet, the coming years will show and teach us the truth of who we are – and are not.

Time is such that it soon becomes not only about that which we currently “believe” and “profess”, but becomes paramount to know Where we stand and Why we stand there, as regional and global events go active and/or play out.  Do we remain where we are because we fear consequence and looming events and those who bully the world?  Or do we stand Where we stand because we truly know who and what  we Love?

The time of our personal apocalypse is a good thing.

It is a time of self-revealing.  And with it will come the manifestation of either personal growth or personal chaos, much more so than in years gone by.

Our upcoming year is so short in some respects, and yet will be so long in other aspects of our lives, as our personal decisions made these years have ongoing and critical consequences for future decades.

I want to encourage those who have more going on within you than you are able to express to those closest.  A year, such as the one I speak of, usually brings polar opposites of joy and sorrow, feast and famine, loss and gain.  All of these will be dependent upon how we accept the personal apocalypse, which is being released in greater and greater measure for all who dwell beneath, upon, and above the Earth.  No exclusions.  It’s here.

May we all look back with understanding – of the privilege of this season.

Vera Lokteff








The Multi-Dimensionality Of Truth

Every Truth, even when foundational, still has a broader and deeper Truth which it is a “part of”.

Truth does not change, but the greater ripples of Truth, do expand what and how we perceive and know it, and this helps us to not only utilize that truth in our lives as a concept, but also teaches us how to become part of that truth as well.

And while we may understand that Truth ripples out into greater and greater ripples, it is also true that more often than not – greater ripples within multi-dimensional truths – work themselves down into our smallest ripple within our third dimensional lives. (3D)

What is a ripple?
I am referring to the circular ripples made on a smooth lake when a child throws a pebble into the water. The first hit on the water “begins” a series of circular ripples. The first ripple is small, the second ripple is larger, and the third ripple is larger still.

Truth is like that.
There is an initial first smallest 3D ripple of a truth, but there are also larger ripples of that truth which correlate to, and are part of, the first smallest ripple – but go beyond what is obviously seen or known.

Another way to see this is to look at a sheet of paper full of illustrations, art, and writing on it.
Pick up this sheet of paper. Hold it so that only the thin line edge faces you.
What do you see? Not much.

Now turn the same sheet of paper to the larger broad 8×11 side.

Coming into a greater Truth about something is like coming around the corner from the thin line edge of a sheet of paper, to looking out at the larger vista, broad horizon side – where there is much more to see, understand, and know about – this very same truth.

What squeezes or oppresses you in your daily life – here on the thin edge – actually started long before on the larger and broader horizon of your 3D life.

Yes, the greater knowledge of a specific truth sometimes pertains to more information about what transpires in your 3D life. However, it very often starts squeezing and oppressing you – from within a different density and/or dimension.

Our 3D religious and educational systems, in conjunction with social engineering – help to keep us limited and contained – to the thin sliver side of the sheet of paper. The three work together and in tandem, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, to keep us from being aware of the larger ploys and tactics used against us, and helps keep the masses in a helpless state.

Loads of money, effort, time, and literal warfare on all ripples, work together to keep us focused on the smallest ripples. Why? It is done to keep you from understanding the truth of Spirit Law.

Spirit Laws – literally supersede the ones we are told we are limited to within the third dimension.

Spirit Law makes clear our “spiritual right of inheritance” – which absolutely trump 3D, 4D, and all matrix dimensions.

What are they afraid of?
They are afraid of the power of Knowing.
“You shall know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free”.

The days are now such that it becomes paramount that we see, understand, and believe that Truth Is Unstoppable.

Truth is unstoppable.
Think of each ripple of expanded Truth which you come in to – as the largest ship in existence, and then think of the greater expansion of Truth – as being larger and greater still. Larger than the largest ship you had previously known. Truth, when in the water, creates an overwhelming wake that is beyond measure. The lie cannot approach even the farthest reaches of this overwhelming wake.

Truth is in the water. Truth resonates whether people want it to or not.

Lies, whether political, spiritual, etc., are nothing more than tiny canoes, which get capsized and submerged – by the Tsunami and Wake Of Truth.

Now imagine what you absorbing truth, knowing truth, and becoming part of Truth – Means.

Vera Lokteff

Hope Is A Lifeline

There have been several times in my life where I have really needed a lifeline. The events I speak of involved both figurative and literal life and death situations, which required a lifeline. I want to share one of those events today because I believe that millions of people around the globe currently find themselves in need of a lifeline, and have no idea where or how to look for one – even though a lifeline is available to all of us.

I am one of those women who married at an “appalling young age”, and have remained married to the man who has been my best friend, protector, lover, and nurturer for forty six years. I take no credit for this as he is the one who had foresight to ask me to marry him – when I was nineteen. My response was an easy one,
“Yes. In two years.”. His reply was gentle but firm, “It’s this year or not at all. If you want to marry me, you either want to marry me now or not at all.”
We were both Christians,pre-marital sex was not on the table. I was out of high school early, and went on to study what I thought I should study in college, but did not really know where my interests lay. Thinking about it, while looking at both the sincerity on his face, the seriousness of his words, and weighing the possibility that he might mean what he said – I said, “Yes.”

I had known my husband from childhood. Our parents had known each other from their days in China. (White Russian Baptists, Russian Christian Orthodox and White Russian Protestants from all over Russia, who made it across the Chinese border, had found themselves interacting with each other in the small Russian Christian community in China. Many of them ended up serving together in either the local/regional wars against Mao, the Communist Russians following them over the border, and/or others who were incurring into their areas within China. My father in law, whose passion was music, was brought on to serve as a bugler. He sounded the commands from his mount – a beautiful black stallion – at the side of his commanding officer.)

Stories of miracles, both supernatural, and miracles provided by other humans – were just as much a part of my childhood reality, as were richly illustrated Russian fairy tales, which had come from another time – when people were not forced to leave home – for somewhere else.

I gave birth to our first child three weeks before our first anniversary, and while our joy was great and real about giving birth to an almost nine pound baby boy, it later became clear that I would require long and serious surgery due to complications.

Surgery. Okay, sure, let’s do it and be done with it.
It ended up being an almost eight hour surgery.

In those days they paralyzed your body, and put you under as a two-step.
This meant that you could be paralyzed but conscious. This also meant that you could be consciously aware when they cut into your body. The incision was a long vertical one. They put you under, and kept you there for whatever duration they needed to complete surgery. In my case, I had no idea prior to surgery that they would take my intestines out, remove vegas nerves, reconnect everything, repair the hiatal hernia from pregnancy, and for good measure do a pyloroplasty. (They found a bleeding ulcer.) It took a lot of anesthesia.

I don’t remember being moved from surgery to gurney. I don’t remember tubes being inserted into multiple recesses of my body, and I don’t remember being moved to the bed in my private room. I do remember being in a deep fog of incredible pain, and wanting Desperately to sleep.

My fog and pain were only interrupted by an on and off realization that my husband, somewhere in this thick fog – was literally slapping the soles of my feet and asking me to wake up. (Turns out he was following the nurse’s instruction.)

Excruciating physical pain makes you want to give up. It leaves you feeling that it’s okay to just let go and die – to make the pain you feel – stop. I was stuck in that Hopeless place, and it seemed to not have an end to it. I knew about miracles, and supernatural intervention, I should have known how to pray or call out from my spirit/soul, but my mind was literally so consumed by the fog and pain that I could not even mumble a silent heartfelt prayer – for help.

I slowly began to realize that I was cut off. I was unable to wake up. I was unable to pray. I was unable. Hopelessness began to drown me, and with this too, came my desperate need for – that sleep.

I really don’t know which hour of hopeless hell it was – when I began to feel someone sitting in the chair on the right side of my bed. An older, calm and firm male voice said,“Vera. You need to wake up.”

I made no response, but in my head I thought, “Who is THAT?! And why doesn’t he make Ruben stop slapping my feet?!”

“I Am Your Father. You need to Wake Up.”

My mind immediately went to my third dimensional life and I thought,
“You are not my father.”

The reply came back to me – in less than a Nano second.
It came with a tangible flood. A flood of Hope.

Hope, which created a tsunami push against that fog that I had been drowning in for hours.

“I am your father. Wake up.”

The realization of the words, the amazing Hope that suddenly flooded me was the equivalent of a life time’s supply of food, water, shelter, and safety – all rolled into one.

I got it. I woke up.
“OUCH! Can you stop slapping the soles of my feet?!”

At that young age, with the limited vocabulary and terminology within my religious training – there was no way to Explain It, and yet it was more real than anything I had gone through that day.

How can I adequately express and explain to people – that we have “family” that goes beyond third dimensional family – who sees, knows, and has compassion on us, and does sustain us with HOPE when we perceive all to be lost, and believe that all is hope-less.

I get it. I understand that there are those who make their living mocking Hope.
These liars don’t matter.
Hope is real. I have experienced it.
Millions of people around this globe have persevered because Hope carried them during their darkest days.

This is why nefarious people want to take Hope away from you.
They want you to be powerless, and the thing that takes your power away – more than anything else is – Hopelessness. Don’t fall into that trap.

Things look bad. Things will look worse. But we also have to remember that “things are not as they appear”. If you succumb to this hopelessness, you quit. You stop living. You want to die. You want to give up, quit, hide. If there was ever a season when we need to remind each other that Hope is tangible – it is now.

We can become – Hope – for those who are hopeless.
It can be a simple encouraging word.
It can be a quiet delivery of groceries to someone who has nothing to eat at home.
It can be a couch for the person who could not pay their rent.
It can be a podcast, a video, an article – of encouragement.

It can also be a conscious prayer for a person.

A prayer does not need to be ritualized and formal to have effect and/or affect.
It simply needs to come – from our heart. (Some might say from our soul/spirit.)

It can be carrying those we love – within our hearts and thoughts – with love and compassion – until they are able to stand on their own two feet again.

Prayers and Thoughts are Scalar. This is real science.
What you speak. What you Believe. What you say – has Power & Effect.

Don’t succumb to the naysayers who want you to – Shut Up.
Your silence is the goal.
People who lie about you – have the specific goal of – Silencing You.
Do not submit to this.

Governmental powers, who try to silence their people – have the goal of DisEmpowering those who are the squeaky wheel leading to a flood of words, which can change the world.

People say that keyboard warriors accomplish nothing. I disagree.
Keyboard warriors put a lot of “scalar words” into the system, by using the net.
If these words had no power – there would not be paid specific departments within governments, which work daily to counteract “online words”.

Speak your words, write your words – with purpose.

Thoughts and words – are scalar.
They pierce that place that is physical and metaphysical, and open pathways for other things to come through. Be specific. What is it that – You want – to come through?

Understand that – their goal – is to get you to start Thinking Hopeless, Acting Hopeless, and Believing in Hopelessness.

And this is why so many people who pretend to “care about you for your own sake” lie about others, in the hopes of circumventing you from coming – into Hope.

We have a season for a push back. A serious push back.
It will require being aware on multiple planes of existence.
One of those places is your – Thoughts & Spoken words.

It also requires a stance of – Rejection.
Reject lies. Whatever, and wherever they may be.
Stand against the lies, and keep a stance of – Hope – for others.

Speak in whichever manner you are able – audible or not. And when you stand firmly with Hope within you – you help strengthen, enable and empower those – who speak and work – on the frontlines of speaking/living Truth. The invisible you, behind the scenes, becomes very important in this hour.

I may not have awakened after surgery, had Family that I did not “see” not come to help me. We must be just that same thing – for each other – especially in this hour. We may not all know each other in 3D. We may never meet in 3D. But what we know within ourselves is that – we are Family Of Spirit. We are here on planet Earth – together.

We may live in different countries, and believe in varying religions, but at the end of the day – those differences insignificant overall, because we are all a part of something which is so much greater than Planet Earth, and we are family in a way that cannot be denied, disempowered or disenfranchised. Our spirits recognize each other when we meet. We refresh each other with every contact.

Find your real family.

And if you can’t find them right now – stand in Hope – because they Are out there.
Don’t let the liars bring you into that place of hopelessness.

If you let them take away your Hope – they win.

More later,
Vera Lokteff