Understanding Spiritual Timelines Via Current Political Events

Many American Christians are troubled by political events which swarm in the midst of their lives today.  They often speak loudly and clearly, that we should keep our political views separate from our Christian perspective.  They do this because most of us have been taught (in churches) to ignore the fact that Jesus’ opponents were mostly – politically motivated and/or were individuals who were lawyers, educators,  and religious leaders who worked hard to protect their turf – so as not to lose their own power base and financial benefit.

In other words politics have long ago – clashed with spirituality, for the simple reason that politicians and those of their ilk, have for most of history, attempted to control the minds, thoughts, and free will of  humans for reasons of personal gain and power .  In other words – they work really hard – to keep you in Captivity.  All kinds of captivity, including the bigger kind Jesus spoke of.

As Christians, we must begin to view “political events” with a Spiritual Eye, and begin to discern that there is a very clear Timeline, which was foretold and laid out for us.  It is the Timeline where we are not pacifists.  Those who can even vaguely discern the times and timeline we are on – do know that there is much work at hand.  Work that was foretold.  Work that was promised.  Work that is exciting and is part of our Christian heritage and legacy.  Beyond that, it is part of our spirit DNA legacy – and promise.

Look around you, nation after nation now have internal systems which have begun to break down and/or fall apart.  Internal systems within Europe and other nations – are also being redesigned to become – Unsustainable.

The smallest examples of this are the constant, chronic, ongoing wars, the intentional displacement of peoples, the intentional population replacement within western countries which forces the working population to support more and more foreign “welfare recipients”, while being unable to provide for their own families, etc., etc.

These systems, in turn require more and more growth in government, with added paid government agents, agencies, and administrators, who oversee the costs and provisions for war, and housing, medical care, food and services to legal and illegal – immigrants – who immediately benefit from the system, while never having paid into it.

The destruction of families is well facilitated within these programs and systems, by encouraging women to become single mothers – for benefits, while not qualifying for these same benefits – if married.

But wait … there’s more …..

The Weaponization of Words  by media – is something most of us understand as being just one piece within the arsenal of the Invisible War long in play.  The Weaponization Of Words has varying national and global modes of destruction.  The first stages of weaponizing words –  disempowers – individuals.  It later disenfranchises  individuals, families, and organizations.

It keeps escalating into larger and larger ripples, until it completely devolves and destroys what we had heretofore considered – humane, civil, mentally sound, legal, and morally permissible.  Later new words of Violence & Murder – become publicly acceptable and approved.  We have all seen how this works since Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Law makers take these weaponized words and transform existing laws into something new, which can hold a larger, and tighter stranglehold upon one segment of humanity, while giving license for violence to another segment of “humans”.  Thus we have rapes of European women which go unreported to and by the police and in the news,  and when reported, go unpunished in the courts.  In this inverse world speaking Truth – puts individuals into jail.  Speaking truth becomes “sedition”.

Yes.  There is still more ….

Educational Systems – take these weaponized words and changed laws and teach new courses based upon these weaponized words and changed laws –  and use both of these to take control of the minds of each successive generation.  Thereby, sons and fathers are mostly at odds with one another, and should a son later come to view things as his father does – any grandson who attends the educational system – holds a stronger chance that – he may yet be converted to be the enemy of both his father and grandfather.

Think of it as a wash cycle.  Each cycle washes out the truth previously known.  It then rinses the mind clean with new indoctrination, and spins the new indoctrination hard and fast, so the young mind has no time to process what is being done to it.   And so ….. each new season of “students” or “parishioners” come through the wash –  time and time again and –  voila!  Again and again …. The cycle deepens and broadens, and expands into more and yet greater degeneracy, lawlessness, acceptance of degeneracy and violence and bloodshed – within even those – who had previously disagreed with such acts of violence, degeneracy, and lawlessness.

Make no mistake – the demons and their minions have crawled out of the pit – and whether you see it or not – there is a target on your back.

Some people pooh-pooh all of this and say, “Oh, this is happening because the Rapture is coming.”

Look at that scripture again.  Not the way you were told to read and understand it.  Let’s look at it the way Jesus – explained it.  It speaks about those who are – removed.  They will be devoured by birds of prey.

You are the prey.  You have – been the prey – for a long time.

In schools, in weaponized words, in new laws, in changed and amended laws, and often times in church… You … are the prey.  Please, get this through your head, and try to begin to see that the Political Timeline which you have been averse to acknowledging – has already overlapped – your very personal and spiritual one.

Lastly, people often tell me about what is going on with them spiritually.  The one thing that I have found consistent from people who speak about a specific topic as to the USA – is that most of these people appear to live in the United States of America, and what they tell me is that,  they have begun to weep for the nation.  More and more they are awakened with verse from Jeremiah, and weep for the nation.  We live on a timeline that is already in play.  Do we work and create a push back, so that many others can still awaken?  Or do we just sit back, let the demons take over, and let those who now weep, begin to speak words – from which a nation – will be unable to retreat?

Vera Lokteff

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