The 10 Lane Highway


I recently became aware of something that first stunned me, then made me angry, and then finally made me feel sorry for people involved.  This blog comes out of those events.

We are currently living in the midst of both a political system that is coming apart in shambles, and a financial/economic system which is revealing itself to be more like a mafia style Gangopoly.   As the political system falls apart, and its corruption and lawlessness is revealed, the financial one hobbles along, while hiding behind the skirts of every real and manufactured crisis.

This has caused people who see what is happening to look for places to shelter while chaos ensues.

(ALLEGORY ALERT!)  To reach shelter – usually requires getting on a highway, getting into a lane, and being focused on the desired final destination.  Detour Roads run parallel to the highway.  Lots and lots of tempting detours.

Vehicles getting onto the highway keep an eye on the traffic.  Large cars, medium cars, larger semi trucks.  All getting in the lane that they are most comfy driving in, with each lane having a self-determined speed.  The lanes are ample, and each vehicle is safe within its own lane.

The secondary thing that happens is that people with many differing ideas, pasts, experiences pack into those individual vehicles.  Most understand the size and power of their own vehicles, and usually drive cautiously in a straight line toward their ultimate destination.

Others get into their vehicles, swerve all through the lanes of the highway believing that they are capable of popping wheelies in a spin – without knocking out a few other cars in the process.    They absolutely think it’s a fun, ironic, and wild high IQ ride, and never see the havoc left behind.  “It’s about the Thrill man!”  Without understanding that spinning head on at others is a dangerous, wreakless, and destructive thing.

There are rest stops along the way.  Many vehicles pull off at the same rest areas, where they can discuss the journey and what’s going on in Their Lane.

Interesting patterns have emerged at these rest areas.  Decade old patterns.  These are always the same.

Netflix Characters Appear.

The usual bathroom stalker, the usual punk who is sent to start a fight among the travelers as purses and bags are stolen by third parties, the guys who drink or start crazy talk:

“Let’s BEND those other guys driving in Lane 5 over to Lane 8!”

“I don’t like Their Speed, it’s bugging me!”

Then there’s the brave observer with the,  “If they don’t do THIS – We’re Gonna DESTROY THEM!”.

The sincere ones work with the passion of a zealot.  Others just get a thrill from the destruction and the games.

Time and time again, Big Divisions happen at these rest stops.  Vehicles get damaged.  People get discouraged.  Some simply back track on the road.  Others pull off the highway altogether.  While others still, simply get back on the highway, and pull away from the pack at the Rest Stop.

This behavior often repeats itself at Rest Stop after Rest Stop – decade after decade.

Periodically, women with children who watch this, begin to shout out all the names of past detours, reminding people of how this always ends.  Occasionally, a guy in a polo shirt starts yelling, “Mommie, Mommie, make her stop!”  Most laugh.  Some get hurt.  Others become confused and discouraged.  The low brow see it as an opportunity to keep doing more behind the scenes.  Others use it to hammer in their own political agendas.

Observers, not on the highway, can easily see what’s going on.  They see that simple car markings would ease tension and provide clarity.  A simple, “What’s your logo?”, becomes, “What Is Your Mission Statement?”

When mission statements are clear, people stay or change to another lane – by choice.

Confusion Reigns when there is no clearly stated mission statement, and more so when people assume that all the cars, vehicles, and trucks – are supposed to be moving forward in 1 single lane – while the many systems collapse.

“Racist Liiiiiiberaaaaaaaaal”.  No.  It’s about the varying circumstances and locations of people living in the midst of falling systems.  It’s also about doing what is right for each person and family – while still being part of a large overall group – with long term similar goals and purpose.

Sometimes some involved in Lane Number Eight, just don’t like the mission statement of Lane Number Five, and they genuinely, and wrongly believe, that Arm Twisting or in the alternative “Let’s Destroy Them” actions, serve some kind of beneficial service and purpose for the greater whole.

These, are not like the little boys in polo shirts who yell, “Mommmmmie!”.  These are not the yapping dogs barking, “You Jew! Jew! Name! Name! Cat! Cat!” for six years.  These guys, know how to escalate things to the detriment of the whole.

And so here we are.  We’re at the “Rest Area” discussing ideas and finally admitting what’s going on.  (Me in my lane, and you observing what’s happening on it – from yours.)

Perhaps it’s time for people to clearly define their lanes and vehicles with Mission Statements, (Not because it’s a “Fed” issue, but because of the ongoing “People’s Confusion Issue”.)  This clarification allows people to choose the lane that best suits them within their own situation, and personal perception, as well as their personal ability to enter waters which are safest for them at that time.  While still safely remaining on the Highway with 10 lanes going forward.

This becomes especially important for new people, as well as younger and older people just waking up.   It’s equally important as laws change.  It’s unfair for people to believe that they are a part of a group with one set of values, to later learn the group has their own hidden values and agendas beneath the public face.

Picking Lanes.  Not all people want to go to college or belong to a think tank.  Many are happy with a high school education.  They want to stay on the same highway, but they also want to travel at self- determined speeds.

Others are farmers and builders, and need to build and plant things that can grow for generations beyond their own.

Others still, really are a demolition crew, but they need to be focused on how and what they are helping take down in the midst of chaos, while mindful of not injuring their own.  (Violence is not on the table here in any of this blog.)

Additionally, there is an unseen aspect to all of this, which effects and affects each lane, and we have to talk about it.

It’s the Metaphysical one.

Every political and economic system has a metaphysical component to it.

Those in our own governments know this and use their own rituals, magic, etc., to keep their dying systems going.  Some of these rituals are very public.  We are in them.  There are people who simply do not see this yet. This part of Truth is still too dark and deep for a surprising number of people.

As these systems come apart, and are being exposed bit by bit publicly, the priests and magicians of these systems intensify the metaphysical tools available to them.

Many think of wars as simple “go get um” wars.  Most of us however, understand that a war – is not – just a physical war, be it an economic one, one using bombs and men as fodder, or the use of propaganda in the news.  We also know that other means of high tek, chemicals, etc., which can change the lives of literally millions at a time, are currently being used.  Those in position to educate should not feel constrained from bringing these subjects to the forefront for those who are interested.  A full octave has more than one note.

Let’s talk about the other thing that each lane and vehicle consist of ….

Resonance & Emanation.

Each vehicle and the inhabitants – have an Individual Resonance and Emanation.

It becomes a tangibly fragrant resonance and emanation to individuals, when it is in the same resonance field as your own, and terribly pungent when it’s not.

It’s the, like it or not, spiritual aspect of something that appears to not be spiritual – but is.

People are drawn or repelled by the Resonance/Emanation of the lane and group.  Often without knowing or understanding it, yet people still do subliminally feel it. (Think of men/women saying, “something about him/her just turns me off and rubs me the wrong way, but I don’t know why”, when there is no justifiable cause they can point to.)

People leave a group or chose not to go further with a group – due to that.  You can’t force people into your lane.  It’s not always about your political position.  Sometimes it really is – about you.  The metaphysical you.  While others will happily run to be in your lane.

It’s also why someone can deliver an amazing speech, which people struggle to listen to, while someone else at the same event gives one in simpler words and concepts, and people cheer.  It’s not about IQ.  It’s about the Resonance & Emanation of the group, and the speaker.  People can fake a Resonance and Emanation for some time, but ultimately who they are leaks through.  (Narcissists do this concealment shift with love bombing, but cannot contain their real persona and resonance and emanation long term.  It’s usually at the point of exposure that they begin to attack those who can see through the act.  Then they ghost people.  It’s a pattern that is seen repetitively in relationships when people do not understand what they’re really drawn to in the other person.)  Lanes and vehicles are no different.  We want to be where we feel safest on a subliminal level.  We want to be with those who “feel like us”.

All political systems have a Resonance & Emanation which manifests in ways that deeply affect our lives, and do have daily impact upon us.  It’s why people can live in peace time, and still feel oppressed, even when no one is banging at their door.  (It’s part of why poc will say they feel oppressed in a large group of whites, even when no one is oppressing them.)

Some of these past political systems, and their resonance and emanations have become so smelly even adherents of them could no longer abide them, and tore their own systems down.  That too, was a different kind of Resonance.


The Ambulance.

There are many of them in the various lanes.  Many. A lot of our people are coming in very battered and bruised.  They are not finding what they need in schools and churches.  The ambulances have become a hospital, a place of restoration, and a place of healthy re-education and healing.

Leaders within lanes are finding themselves in the midst of the cross over between physical and spiritual work.

People who need them – need – Them.

They don’t need Lane 8 today.  But they surely do need Lanes 4 or 5,6,7.

What is your Mission Statement?  Which is your lane?

What is the difference between a Rest Stop, and being back on the 10 Lane Highway, where there is more than enough room for all?

We’ve been stuck at the Rest Stop for a few years.  It has not been a healthy stay.  The sewers have backed up and the toilet paper is gone.  It’s time to get back on the road.

Let’s remember this – the walls up ahead will be closing in – the lanes will merge at different points on the highway.  These merges will become more and more frequent.  Those who can see down the road, can easily see that what matters to you – so much today, will not matter later, as these lane merges become more and more frequent.  (Requires another blog to explain the multiple upcoming merges.)

Meanwhile, people do remain on the Same One Highway, in different lanes, but all going in the Same Direction.

I’m in my lane here.  I like the speed, I like the bigger typing space, and the guy who does not believe in free speech, who thinks he’s in Lane 11 can’t tell me to be quiet.  What’s your lane?

See you at the next Rest Stop!


I am no longer accepting e-mail.  If anyone has questions, comments, or an idea they want me to write about (hopefully, of the woo variety) drop me a post on my Open Time Line @VeraLokteff on twitter. If you DM – I’ll reply on TL.

If you’re a Sperg, a little on the edge, or just really believe that you need to stick it to someone else, send your info elsewhere.  If it’s life and death – do it publicly so everyone else can see it too.




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