Our Personal Apocalypse

Before we speak about anything to do with any upcoming Apocalypse (es), let’s first address the fact that millions of people today misuse this word.  Apocalypse, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary means:  To disclose, A prophetic disclosure; revelation.

In ancient Greek days the word meant disclosure of – Knowledge.  As in a lifting of the veil.  A revealing.

At times people who cling to religious dogma –  use the word  apocalypse synonymously with “Revelations of John” and speak primarily of cataclysmic events of destruction, rather than a revelation of truth in the greater sense of Revelation & Disclosure.

Millions of people wait for the “Apocalypse of Nations” as in today’s religious meaning of destruction and havoc.  However, the truth is that we are instead, all in the midst of our own Personal Apocalypse.  A time of Self-Revelation and Self-Disclosure.

In other words, like it or not, most people are running out of space and time to lie about themselves – to themselves.

The dimensional overlaps of the 1990s have left many residual consequences and opportunities, which began to manifest themselves in clear and overt ways in the latter part of 2011.  One of these was the beginning of a global season of division and separation into like, and unlike minded people, which went from the smallest ripples of friendships to the largest ripples within corporate and global power interests.

On the smallest ripple of this division many people found themselves suddenly looking at people they had known for decades with the sudden realization of, “My family is not my tribe!” or “My friends are Not from of my same spirit type or mindset!”  What was tolerable for so many years prior – became suffocating, insufferable, and burdensome.

And thus, even amongst people we did not expect to be affected, we witnessed an increase in divisions, breakups, divorces, separations within churches, organizations, splintering within philosophical thought, political alliances, and financial goals within groups, who had previously been on the – Same Page.

The goals, beliefs, principles, and agendas within these groups began to fragment, to separate, and to be viewed from differing perspectives within what used to be long known and agreed to – parameters and boundaries.  In simple terminology – people and sheeples everywhere were becoming more and more aware of their confinement, whether that confinement was physical, psychological, theoretical, philosophical – or spiritual.

In other words, it was not rare to see people finding themselves out of alignment with people they had known, worked with, and cared about – for decades.

Add to this, the fact that millions of people began to rouse from a haze and began thinking about disregarding their blood lines, their relations, their religions, their cultural backgrounds, their sex – and began to search for – Their Tribe, which aligned with beliefs and values, closer to their own.

People began overtly, if quietly, seeking those who truly felt like “home” and “my kind”.

This has been happening all over the world in greater and greater preponderance since the latter part of 2011.  The timing on this is not coincidental, and does go beyond the normal social engineering in place at that time.  (Yes, I understand that social engineering plays a part in all of this.  However, your “engineers” pick and choose their timing on their propaganda – with specific and precise alacrity, when other dimensional effects and opportunities are in play, and are conducive, for them.)

Each successive year has deepened the alliances within the separating groups who were out to

“Find Their Tribe” and/or their “Spirit Family”, and effectively people began to align with their real family – of spirit, or in the least “begin a search” for what was closest to home for them.  And thus the alignments went beyond the bloodline family, beyond the state, and beyond the individual nation.

Millions of people seeking out others with whom they felt “safe” were first led to the loudest voices, and many found themselves more confused, more lost than before, in dead ends and unsafe places, and never really understanding what “safe place” actually meant or felt like.  And thus for many – the internal interpersonal – shut down.

People who were not aware of what was really going on (globally) began to speak of “energies”, and an engineered circumstance by sinister forces.  Yet factually – it was simply The Time for these divisions and yearnings to address “who is family” and “what” family means  – to start coming to the forefront of human consciousness.  People began to consciously hunger for a greater sense of family alignment, which goes beyond our current small ripple 3D engineered understanding.

So here we are now.  2018.  Now is about understanding that the “us” within us is the “Hidden Us”.

It is about the unseen, and often times unknown – us.

For some, these intervening years have been a gradual process of chaos, confusion, and alienation.

Many of us have refused to allow the apocalypse from within.

For others, it has been a wonderful time of Revealing of true self, and coming into the knowledge of the place our true self holds on this planet today.  For these people the real purpose of “being here” right now, is in the process of being exposed, disclosed, revealed, and consciously – known.

Time is revealing us.  The multi-dimensional aspect of Time is overlapping us.

The hidden mirror of self-reflection is not always easy.  And yet, the coming years will show and teach us the truth of who we are – and are not.

Time is such that it soon becomes not only about that which we currently “believe” and “profess”, but becomes paramount to know Where we stand and Why we stand there, as regional and global events go active and/or play out.  Do we remain where we are because we fear consequence and looming events and those who bully the world?  Or do we stand Where we stand because we truly know who and what  we Love?

The time of our personal apocalypse is a good thing.

It is a time of self-revealing.  And with it will come the manifestation of either personal growth or personal chaos, much more so than in years gone by.

Our upcoming year is so short in some respects, and yet will be so long in other aspects of our lives, as our personal decisions made these years have ongoing and critical consequences for future decades.

I want to encourage those who have more going on within you than you are able to express to those closest.  A year, such as the one I speak of, usually brings polar opposites of joy and sorrow, feast and famine, loss and gain.  All of these will be dependent upon how we accept the personal apocalypse, which is being released in greater and greater measure for all who dwell beneath, upon, and above the Earth.  No exclusions.  It’s here.

May we all look back with understanding – of the privilege of this season.

Vera Lokteff








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