The Intruder

The Intruder

I wrote this awhile ago. Every time I thought about posting it I had a nagging, “there will be repercussion if you post this” voice in the back of my head. I am now setting that aside, and instead am taking the stance that we must all look such things in the eye and hold those accountable – Accountable.

I have spoken honestly and openly about this event to my closest family and friends, and while I know that they understand such things, I also know that public perception about what I write here can sound off the rails to people uninitiated into what is really going on in the world at this hour.

I’m not off the rails. However, I did have a mild version of PTSD after the events written here, which caused me to become unusually and uncharacteristically docile in specific settings and situations. This abated after I went to someone who was able to do a regression of the event (with family in the room) and I was able to witness my experience from both within myself with words which I had been audibly afraid to speak, and was also able to witness the event in a spiritual third-party kind of non-emotional observation, which made me realize that I had never truly been powerless in the situation. I had simply been uneducated/unexperienced in such matters.

After that I was able to break free of the “hold back” and was able to get angry. The question then became, “when” to talk about it in a no longer limited small group.

It is almost five years past that experience now. The opensource information about such technologies is available for anyone who wants to look for it. Current events in USA and globally have been blatant in showing people that there are wars behind wars, and hidden wars that mass populations have no knowledge about. Feels like now is the time to put it out their publicly.

Most important, this is not about my catharsis. This is about giving disclosure to what exists and is coming for many others.

Thousands of people sit on information that they have been silent about. Some fear public criticism. Some fear that the public is not ready to hear any of it. Some fear it will rock the boat of religion. Some fear because they have been told what will happen to them if they speak. In my case – I believe that things will keep heating up until 2030 and that from then on things will become unspeakable – if we do nothing now. It is time for people to speak openly about the secret wars being waged all over this planet. Starting by talking about small events such as this one becomes paramount for people to understand and prepare for what lies ahead.

Remember how people freaked out when there was a shortage of toilet paper? That was nothing to the panic and utter terror humans will feel when many of these dark technologies are released openly. This is Why we must talk about such things right now as well as prepare our minds to deal with such things on a large scale. This is also about taking steps to literally retain our ability to remain free will humans.

I have spent time researching people who know about such technologies and how they are used along with A.I. What I learned is that there is much more out there that is even more grotesque and frightening than my own experience with dark technology and its delivery men.

In the end, I’ve decided to tell the story as it really happened without the deeper aspects and descriptions which while true may well be “too out there” for the average American. Again, I do believe that it is important to equip people with the truth, and at this point give it to them in doses they can manage. Many reading this may well need to know how to deal with such things in varying forms later.

Lastly, in the smallest ripple of going public – it frees me and means that the people who enjoy taunting with knowing, and those who threaten from the shadows, would be left without a floor to stand on. We must shine a light on such deeds, and by doing so hold those behind them accountable. Shouting the truth from the rooftops has its time and place.

It all started in early 2016 with a visit to a US embassy while I was overseas. I had to renew my passport before flying again.

As it worked out I went in on a U.S. holiday when they were not accepting foreigners and those applying for U.S. visas. The line to get into the embassy was non-existent at that time. I came through the gate, flashed my passport and said, “I need to renew this.”

A foreigner working as guard at the gate signaled for me to come through. He had me stand at the security door while he made a phone call inside and gave my name and passport number to someone inside the embassy. He then hung up the phone and signaled for the people inside to open the security door. I went through security much like you do at the airport with TSA agents except that at the embassy they keep your phone, any prescriptions you have with you, and any other items they deem they should hold for you until you come back out.

After that I was forwarded deeper within the embassy. I crossed a court yard, and a different man met me at a different door and motioned for me to go through another locked door into a small corridor. A portrait of Obama was the first thing I saw upon entering the corridor. From there I walked into a large room which had what seemed like one hundred empty chairs. Literally, rows and rows of empty chairs.

The man said, “Sit down and someone will be with you.” I took one of the chairs toward the back of the room. The room had a number of cameras in the ceiling. It was easy to understand that they would be there for many security reasons. My first thought, “Oh, they probably do facial recognition on people before they get to the person who takes the foreign visa application.”

Moments after I sat down in a chair a high frequency pitch began blasting into my head. It was direct to skull.

I want to digress for a minute and explain this high pitch. A number of people I know (me included) began hearing on and off high pitch frequencies at some point in late 2011 to early 2012. These have continued since then. It was not an audible outside sound that you hear with your ear, it was a “direct to skull” high pitch. There were days when the high pitch deliveries were so strong that they would make people’s jaws and teeth ache. Other days there were lighter frequency deliveries/scans. These seemed to also begin during specific talks/subjects and did interfere with a thought. Then the sound would stop. It would last seconds and then go away. It seemed that many in their fifties and up could hear and mimic the pitch/sound to each other when it went off in a group setting, while the younger adults in the same room could not hear it.

People talked about it in private, about how it interferes with a speech or thought when speaking in public. Consequently, it was becoming a topic of conversation as to the “purpose” of these high pitch frequency signals targeting individuals and most likely the entire world population.

The interesting thing was that when suddenly out of your normal area – it became silent and lovely quiet – but then after a few days the high frequencies would catch up with you. This was a common situation for the group I knew.

My only conversation about the origins of these high frequency downloads took place on a night while having spaghetti dinner with several family members at James’ ECETI Ranch near Mt. Adams when the high frequency signals started while we were at the dinner table eating and casually talking about woo topics.

I was sitting next to James and as soon as I heard the pitch in my head I looked over at him. He too was reacting to hearing it and said, “They’re scanning us.” I asked him, “Where is it coming from? Is it from beneath the Earth, on the Earth, or above the Earth?” He simply and firmly said, “All of them.”

So while sitting in the embassy, with no one else there, I suddenly heard that same high pitch but it was a more intense frequency and strength than I had ever experienced before. I immediately looked at my watch to see how long it would last. Not going to lie. Being in a room alone with cameras, and having this sound to skull go off – immediately got me silently praying.

I looked up at one of the cameras and then at my watch again as the sound did not abate but instead became more intense. My thought, “Now it is coming from my own government too.”

I looked up at the camera and wanted to make my protest known. I realize that it may have been teen like behavior but I was not going to take it quietly. I raised my face to the camera, raised my watch to make it obvious that I was timing them, and then used my middle finger to adjust my sunglasses.

Normal high pitch frequency scans/downloads do not usually last more than a few seconds to maximally half of a minute when you are awake and aware of it.

The frequency intensified, strengthened, and continued for literally six minutes. During the beginning of it the Holy Spirit said, “it’s a brain scan”. I immediately started praying in spirit to see if I could break the hold of it.

The more intense my internal prayer, and the more I began to raise my spirit over my body, the more intense the frequency became – until I could feel my brain getting separated from my ability to pray, as though that part of me that is the bridge between my spirit and my brain where free will thoughts/prayers happen was getting disconnected from my body. Literally my spirit was being divided from being able to communicate with my physical body and brain.

I lost the ability to think words as the frequency and sound got stronger.

Six minutes later – it stopped. I was able to think and feel, and knew that my spirit, mind and body were merged again, and I was able to adjust my body in the chair. I looked up at the camera, my expression was clear, “I KNOW what you are doing! This is not a pass for you!”

At this point I still wanted to assume that someone behind the scenes had time on their hands and was playing with the black tech at the embassy, and that this event had nothing to do with me personally.

A few minutes later a foreign woman called my name. She took my passport, was away for some time, then came back, took my money for the renewal, returned my passport to me and told me to return on a specific date. (30 days out) I had renewed overseas before and knew that it never took that long.

I tried pumping her for a little information and questioned her about how many had to come in and work on the U.S. holiday. She explained that she was the only office staff in that day, and that the rest were only essential personnel.

You have to understand, my beef with all of this outside of the unbelievable intrusion into my mind and body without consent was that I thought myself a benign person. In fact I had had that same embassy ask me to host their number two at a pizza lunch at the golf course when they came into the area.

How was I asked? The local police showed up and informed me that my govt had asked me to host a lunch for someone coming into the area. You don’t say no to that.

It was a pleasant lunch. He was a navy man. I teased him about their chemtrail program. He explained that planes fly waaaay above what we think. We talked about my brother’s military past. We talked about his naval past. Pizza at the golf course club house and not much else.

Then he asked if I was willing to be a liaison between the embassy and the expats in my area – in case of storm warnings, etc. He was a pleasant man who looked like a typical white hat patriot. I joking said, “What you really want me to watch out for the Chinese moving in on the island?” I then laughed and told him that I was not a reliable person as I was in and out a lot. His wife showed up later and they both invited me to come and visit them. (I realize this all sounds weird, but in the ease of the lunch it was what I thought just a polite invite as expats tend to be much like really extended family overseas.) I thanked them, declined, and explained that I was heading stateside.

So in view of all of this I was wanting to believe that the big sting at the embassy was about the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing. It was important for me to still hang on to the fact that our own government would not be doing such things to its own citizens.

I returned home and for the remainder of the thirty days I had a weird deep cough, which periodically caused me to cough up round chunks of a solid phlegm like substance that had blood in it. I went to the doctor who ordered various tests. All of them returned negative.

I returned to the embassy as scheduled thirty days later. This time the same room was full of foreigners waiting to get visas to come to the USA. There was nothing unusual. I picked up my passport (this time with the chip in it) and the friendly lady at the desk talked to me about my stay in the city. (She let me know that she knew I would be staying overnight and had a flight for the next day.) This immediately made me feel sketchy, and I decided to have dinner with my son in my hotel room instead of needing to return to my hotel room alone at night.

I checked into my hotel. I knew the staff there and service and security there were always top notch. The floor I stayed on required a separate security card for the elevator to access my floor. It was one of the safest hotels in the city.

Later that night my son met me in my hotel room where we had dinner together. It was about 9:30 p.m. when I suddenly realized that someone else was standing in the corner of the room. I looked in that direction again and the person was gone. I took it be one of those remote viewers or astral projectors who are capable of scanning through rooms while out and about for other purposes. Friends and I had had to deal with a lot of such events in the nineties. It was nothing scary and nothing new. I ignored it. Additionally, I was in a hotel and loads of people unconsciously astral travel as soon as they fall asleep so there was leeway to understand what might be happening. Nothing to be concerned about.

My son suddenly said, “Mom I have to get back it’s getting late.” We quickly hugged and I was in my room alone, behind a locked door with no adjoining room, on a security floor. All should be well. I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

As I came out of the bathroom I saw the man standing in the corner of the room near the foot of the bed. I could see him clear as day. He was standing sideways and looking down at a little box in his hand. A weird calm came over me and then the first words out of my mouth were, “I see you asshole.”

He immediately stepped further into the room. He was wearing what I would describe as being a diver’s suit, in that it fitted his body and head the way a diver’s suit does, except the fabric was different. He wore a backpack that looked like it was some kind of power source.
On his head was military headgear, the kind that allows others to see whatever you are doing on a mission.

In his hand was an old fashioned looking little black box with little radio type knobs on it. It was not a digital panel. Once he turned one of the knobs the equivalent of what looked like a huge soap bubble surrounded him. I say soap bubble, not because it was soap – but because it was a clear see through energy bubble that surrounded his body. I immediately knew that it contained some kind of safety field for him.

He walked closer to me and turned one of the other knobs. I had come out of the bathroom near to the bed and stood there looking at him, and as he turned the knob higher I began to uncontrollably cough up blood on the pillow and then my knees gave out as I tried to grab onto the blankets of the bed to keep from falling on the floor.

First thought was, “this cannot be happening to me”. I immediately began to pray as the man turned his knob further, and I then understood that whatever he was doing was disconnecting my brain from my body so that my brain literally stopped functioning and I had no use of my body. I could not run away. I could not scream. I simply started having my body fall out from under me with no control of my own.
He walked up closer to me, turning the knob and said, “You are not going to speak.” Then he said various other threats on the same idea that I would not be speaking in future.
At that point I was coughing up blood on to the second pillow further from on the bed, but because he had come closer to me I found myself in some kind of energy overlap – and it enabled me to see the people watching him perform his work. I saw the fat navy guy in his uniform enjoying what was happening while a tek in a lab coat sat next to him with a concerned face of disapproval.
It was at that point something in me knew to drop down into my spirit and stop trying to do anything with my brain/mind/body – I dropped into my spirit and I called out for help from inside in silence – but desperation.
It was not even a second later that I saw a huge angel come through the wall and go full speed for the guy in the energy bubble. I had crumpled between the bed and the floor. My perspective was only of the wall that the angel had come through, and the angel as it speeded past me in the direction of the man in the bubble. I blacked out as the angel moved past me.
I spontaneously awoke 9 hours later – literally thirty minutes before I was to be downstairs for my taxi to the airport. I was in the bed with the covers firmly wrapped around me the way a parent tucks in a small child.
At first I lay there thinking that it must have been a dream, and then sat up to see the blood on both pillows. I jumped out of bed, looking around the room for any other evidence of what I had last seen before I passed out. Nothing, but the blood on the pillows. My clothes untouched.
I packed my overnight bag in mere moments and checked out of the hotel. But the event was just the beginning of understanding/schooling as to how the dark forces act out throughout the planet, and how our supernatural brethren intervene against them and their “high tech”.
I realize that I would doubt all of this had someone I did not know tell me of the experience. Yet it served its purpose in teaching me how Spirit & Holy Source DO intervene and override these who would attempt to intimidate us, threaten us, and try to harm us.
Their technology, may allow them to appear super powerful, and the powers they align with have done the same in the past, so much so that people believed them to be gods, yet we firmly know – A Holy Source sustains and protects us no matter what the Blasphemers may do.

It is particularly important to understand that such things exist and can control the minds and bodies of people without needing large equipment to facilitate such actions. Such equipment can easily be incorporated into phone towers and be operated within line of sight.

Knowing such things exist in our enemy’s arsenal is the first step to becoming mentally equipped against fear, shock, paralysis, and enables us to learn how to deal with such things.

The technology is multi-dimensional. We’re not going to get out of this without understanding the full ramifications of what this means. The power of your spirit will become more necessary than a bullet when it comes to such multi-dimensional technologies. Learning how to reverse them “to sender” will be critical in months and years ahead.

Truth often sounds “scary” to people. They say they don’t want to live in fear of knowing such things exist. Yet their fear does not make the Truth of such things go away.

A.I. and dark technologies have long been in the lives of Americans. To be unaware and ignorant of how it influences, effects, and affects peoples’ lives is to be willfully susceptible to those who would want to control your life in deeper and more menacing ways. They hate you. They feel no mercy toward you.

Their matrix is dying. That is one of the things that they don’t want anyone to talk about.
This matrix is their heaven. This is the best it will be for them.

We belong to Real Creation.
There is a profound difference between the two.

The matrix is based on lies, illusions, impositions and control.
It has its own spaghetti rules of calling Truth a lie, and calling Lies the truth.

It is a place where what is profane is called sacred and holy, and that which truly is Sacred and Holy is mocked, slandered, hated, and defamed.

Ultimately our enemies hate the spirit that lives within our body.
They attack your flesh because they cannot overwhelm your spirit.

We must learn to stand in that place of understanding and learn how to fight the war on multiple planes of existence. Today the fight includes surpassing hidden and secret multi-dimensional technologies that are being foisted upon us, and are be used against our will.

There is no Fear where there is understanding of what we are truly dealing with.
When there is no fear – there is Victory.

3 thoughts on “The Intruder”

  1. Thanks for posting this experience. It resonates very deep
    within my own spirit as i have had different experiences,
    which I now better understand and will be better equipped
    to deal with. Knowledge is power and the first step to
    defending our Spiritual freedom!
    Darkness has no defence as Truth arises, exposes, and
    ultimately destroys the very root of it all.

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  2. Wow! Grateful I caught this to start my almost always interesting today. HA Few writings catch my attention as solidly as this did. In a world of too many seeming non-seers, this seer needed to ‘see’ there are others like me. Will gratefully enjoy reading the other shares and hey, Thanks!!


    1. Every time i read this the impact is no less than the very first time! This morning after reading, “that face” and others intruded into my vision.


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