The Walls Come Falling Down


The late 1980’s and early 1990’s can easily be summed up as the “Nothing Is As It Seems” decade.  What I mean by this is that literally thousands and thousands of people from all over this planet began to have spontaneous “wake up” experiences (both spiritual and third dimensional) that suddenly revealed the truth behind the illusion of various systems and beliefs.  These people came from various spectrum of society.

Some were church people, some were educators, some were in the political sphere, some were in the financial system, in science, in medicine and in government.   The common thread that ran across each field and group was the spontaneous shock and revelation that “Nothing Is As It Appears To Be.”

Many who woke up went on to speak publicly about corruption and fraud within their own fields.  They disclosed the truth of past and current events within their fields and specialties.   Many spoke about the ongoing fraud, and the enslavement agendas behind many of the systems which have held sway over our societies and global populations.  The brave spoke openly about the real and hidden powers behind these systems and named names.  Some openly revealed the players that go beyond the names we read about and spoke of those previously only whispered about in secret places.

There has been a large release of information and disclosure since the early 1990’s.  Sadly, much of it is being scrubbed off the net now.  For those old enough to remember, they might also remember that what seemed, “so far out there” and “crazy” and “unbelievable” that was being spoken about in public at that time – has since revealed itself to be accurate and true.  (With more revealing itself in future that will take away any doubts.)

If there is a single line to best describe 2020 and on, it would be, “The Walls Are Falling Down”.

Things that were disclosed and revealed throughout the 1990’s, are now publicly manifesting their inability to sustain the illusion and lies, and are now falling down.

“Nothing is as it appears” becomes naked and seen to even those who don’t want to see it.

The walls of politics are falling down.

The walls of religions (plural) are falling down.

The walls of bad medicine are falling down.

The walls of socially engineered education are falling down.

The walls of deceptive science are becoming obvious.

The collapsing financial systems have begun to wreak havoc globally.


It is a scary time for the anxious and those who want these crumbling systems to remain.

It is an exciting time for those who can see what comes beyond the time of falling walls.

The simplest map is one that indicates where walls will fall, and when possible, how those walls will fall.  Information eases the shock for people as their paradigms are torn apart.  Knowing that it is “not the end” helps to sustain hope.  In many instances it gives people a path out, when there appears to be no path out.

It also psychologically prepares the people who sit, watch, observe, and know that they have things to speak, write, do – to prepare to become voices during the seasons of collapse, especially when they have not been voices before.  The younger generations, and people within them, who oftentimes have been looked at as less than, are coming into their own.  Their time is approaching.  Their painful experiences have been honing them.

Younger voices will have their time of “revelation and integration” with understanding of the times and real events within them.  They will have their own new awakening and find their voice.

Integration and deeper awakening are difficult to do when we are part of a pack with loud and misleading voices, who override the quiet internal voice speaking to each of us individually.  The seasons ahead, given to us, will allow time for personal spiritual perspective, evaluation, and weighing within ourselves.  It is these seasons that allow the integration of our spirit to manifest with clarity of mind, and become one in focus and purpose within.  A peace that is not disturbed or disrupted by startling and dangerous upcoming events on the earth.

It won’t be the mind leading us in days ahead.  It will be that which dwells within us and is eternal.  It will be that which understands how to differentiate the truth in the midst of so many lies.  It will be that within you which “knows” what your mind has not yet integrated with, but which will balance and keep calm the mind so that we do not fall apart when much around us is falling.

Many will come out to prop up the falling walls.  They will want the old familiar dying systems to remain.

Others will want to tear these walls down prematurely, not caring if their methods crush people in the process.

It is the personal integration of body, mind, spirit that will bring us to that place of personal discernment and direction about who and what we can trust in days ahead.  Lives will depend upon it.

Those who can see what’s on the other side of the collapsing systems, and understand that it will take another decade to walk through, do understand that we are in one of the most fragile times of our history.

Who you are with.  Where you live.  Who your support system is.  All become critically important.  Important for personal, psychological and physical safety in days ahead.

Let’s start talking about the “broad strokes” of the falling walls and simultaneous implosions within the systems that are happening.  Let’s begin doing it piece by piece.

The “new thing” incoming is not a regurgitation of something from the historical past.  Our times and events will be disparate.

Revival will not be in any of its old forms.

Disclosure will not be the slow drip that it has been.

Lethality of technology, science and medicine will have something to take their place.


We will be separating into a two-world system.

Not in the form of categorizing first world from everyone else, but a literal two world system.  One where those who hold to all that is old and dying will live in that paradigm.

And one where people, who chose to, will come into a different place with different laws of existence.

This is a lot for some people to get their mind around.  I realize that.

But I also know that millions of people are – already in the understanding of it.

Bit by bit, let’s talk about all of this … here, elsewhere and throughout 2020 and beyond, while we are still allowed to speak such things in public.

What has been before has passed.  What is upcoming has not been before.


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