Who Is Our Family?

I have a friend, who at the age of four, came into certain and definite knowledge of the existence and presence of Jesus in her life.  The interesting thing about her is that her parents were atheists, who never spoke of Jesus, nor allowed the subject of Jesus in their home.  She did not own a Bible.

If you ask her, she will tell you that she has had a love/brother relationship with Jesus since the age of 4.  Yet in physical 3D reality she only came to know about him in the religious world scope of teaching about Jesus, decades later, when a neighbor read a chapter out of the book of Revelations to her while having a conversation – over the fence.

Hope (Yes really.) tells me that hearing those words read to her- sparked something within her.  She explains it as an inner spirit knowledge, which made its way to her conscious mind, and current earth memory.  The fact that she already knew Jesus, loved him, and knew that she had “always loved him”, though more real than anything else in her life in experience,  came into deeper context when she learned about words that existed – in the Bible.

If you meet her you will find that though a mother of eight children, and though in her seventies, she is without a doubt a – young soul.  Shiny.  Bright.  Funny.  Full of Hope.  Ferocious in spirit.  She frightens some people and heals others by her presence and joy.  Some do not know what to make of the place where she walks.

I have traveled with her extensively.  She has been my traveling companion when family members could not accompany me on speaking trips.  She has traveled paths with me that were both safe and unsafe in the physical plane.  I have watched her pray, laugh, and joke her way through dangerous events – and watched her doze off to sleep in peaceful rest –  once her work was done.

She has walked into my hotel room many a time, looked at me with seriousness and certainty and said, “You are going to be in real danger when you go there.  I’m going with you!”  She has been right every time.  She has been an angel in disguise in my life – many times.

I have another friend, who grew up in a southern Baptist church, who had never been taught of re-incarnation.  Yet she absolutely and concretely knew with certainty, that she had walked the planet before.  A prior existence on the planet made no sense within the confines of her religious teaching and church experience.  She had no one to share with.  She had no one to question.  Exposure in church would have been certain censure and possibly worse.  Jesus had never been the question for her.  Jesus was her certainty.  Her tenacity and perseverance for “more truth” that her family could not comprehend,  confused them,  but drove her to a deeper relationship with Jesus from the time she was eighteen.

I also remember a night in Kyoto Japan, when a Japanese man in his forties, a Buddhist, and a man in local government came up to me after I had finished speaking and said, “I know the devil is my father.  I don’t want him to be my father anymore.”  He had tears in his eyes.  His face was pained.  He knew what he knew, and he knew that he wanted a solution for his dilemma.

My talk had been about the upcoming Kobe earthquake on the Friday night before it happened.

It seemed off topic – I had been stunned to hear myself speak what seemed like misplaced words coming out of my mouth at the end of a talk to about fifty people, “It does not matter who your spiritual father is, you can align with Another Father who does love you, and is the one that you can love.”  And thus the lovely Japanese man standing in front of me speaking life changing words.

One must understand Japanese culture to know what a huge deal it was for this man to say such a thing, and to say such a thing to me; a stranger, a foreigner, a woman.

Things like this are happening everywhere.  Regardless of country, race, gender, social class.  I and others have been witness to such things again and again – since the mid 1990’s when the overt and heavy dimensional overlaps began peaking.

Perhaps I am writing this for people who are waking up in churches and places where you think things – such those which you suddenly know and understand – should not be happening.  And yet, with every fiber within you, you know that what you know – is real.

To voice it audibly may be scary for you, because what you now know does not align with what you were taught – or never taught.  And yet, there it is – you now know –  what you know.

A knowing and an understanding of the spirit.  It can be a lonely place when it first happens, but also is a wonderful place – as we come deeper in.

This leaves us with the question “Who is our family?”  It’s an important question, at this time,  when many seek to find their own kind – in Spirit.

Some of our family members have begun to soar.  They are healthy, and we recognize them when we meet them.  They are like a healing balm and a fresh cool glass of water in the parched desert.  Many of them are the Daniels and seers, and those who will be victorious in days ahead.  They were long ago promised to be here at this time. They have been taking their positions in many locations, within many nations, around the globe. Many of them are – quite young.

Other family members – are not so healthy in this season of change.  They do not yet know the season, and so cling more ardently to literal words of writ without spirit or  context.  We must be patient with them.  This is where we turn the other cheek.  Many of them are older, but will understand further down the road.

I think a lot about those who are family – but are like fragile little chicks that are caught in a rainstorm without shelter.  Their feathers have been soaked and they are windblown.  They are so little and so vulnerable.  Some have been badly bruised, and they do all they can to hold on to life (a faith).  We must stand for them, carry them, believe for them, and when possible be their angels in disguise and help heal them – until they are able to stand on their own again.

And while we recognize each other and are full of joy, and remember those who are not in great shape, we must remember too that so many of these who are bruised – have had to go through the equivalent of violent physical wars – in their journeys to break free from religious bondage, which had kept them bowing within the synagogue of Satan.  We must be a light for them.  A light that shines bright so they can see what lurks in the dark ready to devour them and pull them further into darkness and hopelessness.

Family of spirit.  Family from home.  I have been so blessed to meet many members of my family, from all over the world.  The love and joy when we see each other face to face is difficult to contain.  Once experienced –  that safety, that joy, that easy understanding between family members who hold as privilege that which is sacred and holy – leaves no misunderstanding of who real family – is.

God Bless You.

Vera Lokteff

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