High T Women, Low T Men & Ode To Boomer Men

I remember a time when women were honest about themselves.  They got up on specific days of their cycle and simply admitted to themselves, and their husbands or boyfriends, that for no rational reason – they awoke with an overwhelming desire to slam doors and bite someone.   Anyone.  For no reason.  We did not pretend that it was a good day to be someone’s “boss”.  We understood it back then.  We were in the loop about understanding that a load of Testosterone was dumping into our system, and that the days ahead were charted, and may not be pleasant for those around us.  This forced us to somewhat police ourselves.  What we said.  How we behaved.

Then the Women’s Movement told us that this was all a lie – and simply in – Our Head.

The men in our lives carried a lot more Testosterone in their bodies back in those days, and this made it much easier for them to handle our monthly Testosterone dumps.  Our men were men.  They knew how to make jokes about things, and how to stay out of the way, and live their lives in a satisfying and happy way.  They knew normalcy would return.  They had stamina, mental fortitude, and Enough Testosterone to deal with their women during testosterone dumps.

  1. Scientific and Medical reports now acknowledge that men’s testosterone levels are down by one half of what their father’s generation testosterone levels were. Simultaneously, estrogen levels for these lower T men, is now higher than in previous generations.

This gets one really wondering if much, or at least some, of the younger generation’s “Woman” hatred is not about some of the younger men becoming more like the hormonal “bitchy women” they complain about.  Do they miss The Irony that they have begun to work with the feminists across the aisle in their verbiage against men? (Feminists claim their woes are due to White Men.  Younger generation men now claim their problems are due in part to “Boomer Men”.)

Look, I get it – there is plenty to complain about.  I sat on a plane with a man in his late twenties, who spent two and a half hours complaining about what “whores” American women are.  I could easily understand his point of view.  The part he could not get his head wrapped around, in the telling of his own story, was that his girlfriend was “acting psycho” because she could not handle his going out to night clubs – alone – with his guy friends.  Tomatoe Tomato.

Dispelling The Boomer Male Myth.  Young men today seem to enjoy expressing their opinion about the stupidity of Boomer Men and their generation.  I know Boomer Males.  I love Boomer Males.  If anything Boomer Males have taught me, it is how to be – a better woman.

They have taught me that Partnerships in Relationships are what create long lasting bonds.  They have taught me that Respect & Trust given in – both directions – is respect and trust that lasts a lifetime.  I honor the Boomer High T men.  They have helped us raise children, they have in times of hardship been; lover, parent, and pillar of strength – to the women in their lives – when we have needed that from them.

There is a gentleness in Boomer men that is rare in the younger generations today.  Do not misperceive me.  Boomer men had a lot of testosterone, and knew their own minds.  They had fortitude that got them through wars, and back home again, and kept them going out into the job market during recessions.  They found strength in youth to find a reason to Still Believe, when everything round about them, began to crumble due to the false paradigms that had been woven into their lives.  They have survived national wars and national traumas that the younger male generations do not seem to want to acknowledge or understand.

I love Boomer men.  I thank Boomer men.  And what I love most about Boomer men, is the honest fact that Boomer men – love women.

What do the younger generations do, to fix the issue of their low testosterone counts, while absorbing so much female estrogen?  Setting the joking and irony aside, they are victims of an agenda which goes far beyond “women” and “boomer men”.  We must begin to understand this before we can begin to reverse the chaos in our societies.    

Finally, let’s not forget – any social ideology that does not encourage voluntary procreation, and love and cherishing of the opposite sex, is an ideology gone amuck.  We need each other.  Men need women.  Women need men.  To pretend otherwise, is to lead many astray.

Much love to all of you men – of all generations.

Vera Lokteff




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