Response To Two Very Stupid Questions

Ah, well you’ll have to read this … to find the short answer…. lol

The question for me has never been “Why” people lie or make misleading statements about family,children, and/or people with the same last names.
I understand full well – Why – they lie.

– Some people who lie do it because they disagree with politics or ideology.
Lying is a Tactic.

– The people who lie because it is their job to lie – Lie For Money.

– Some lie because they enjoy causing havoc and confusion within the naïve and
innocent reader.

– Some are zealots who have their own hidden agendas and dogmas, but pass
themselves off as “concerned”.

– The mentally ill, and in some cases the mentally ill who have publicly admitted
that their parents have incarcerated them by force as children –
lie because it gives them a mental/emotional – False Sense – Of Power.

The question for me has always been,
“Who are the gullible – who Believe this stuff?!?”

And while I sometimes belly laugh at these “questions” which have escalated over the past three or four years (and I suspect will become more creative in the future) I have also decided that it is easier to answer it once, so those who seem to believe that they “really need” a reply can find mine, and I can be
done with these questions. This is a one off.

The cycle and recycle of the tranny question –
is easily put to bed by each individual’s original birth certificate – issued at time/date of birth. Period. This one was a Fail on so many levels …. lol

The Jewish question is easily put to bed, beyond dna testing,
by reading about the family history – which is documented on all four sides of the family; starting before, and including the lists and journals belonging to
Ivan The Terrible as well as his list of Princes & Shining Ones, the story about one of the characters in a novel by Pushkin, Cossack lists, Russian Orthodox church records, books written about Christianity and the Russian Christians who escaped from Russia to China, the White Russians who fought the communists in China, the name of the father of stealth technology before JPL got their hands on it, and
files within the USSR as to the families listed as “enemies of the state” and their crimes. (Prior to the fall of the Iron Curtain.)

In other words, it takes these liars much more effort to – Perpetuate a Lie – than it takes to disprove one.

No one seriously involved in working on what they believe in, and believes that much is at stake in this hour, have the time to repeatedly stop to address the mentally ill, the liars or their followers.

Truth always stands on its own, despite the liars who ultimately have -your worst – in mind.

My family has known these kinds of liars – long before 1917, but their kind has never understood us. It is one of the reasons that they just keep beating their drums generation after generation. A different drum in a different generation – but always the same Source.

These liars and disinfo agents do not seem to understand that – no amount of smelly bait – stops people from working on/for what they believe in.

Yep, no amount of bait, no matter how far reaching, repetitive, annoying or insane, will bring “you” an offer for a trip to a doctor’s office for your – “needed” in person witness – of a blood and body review – so you can have your “firsthand account” of proof. The world is on the edge of flames. Normal healthy
people will not stop working, nor will they waste time giving operatives and the mentally ill the time of day.

Reading some of these “questions”, I begin to think that there may also be something about those who hate white people who are Christians, and/or do not understand Jesus’ teaching. It is probable that this too – helps feed into the Liars, Disinfo agents and the mentally ill. They don’t seem to understand
Christianity. If someone truly were “ Jewish” they would have simply stated that they are Messianic Jews – as Brother Nathaniel has done, and reject all in play that these loud and repetitive “Jew Hunters” supposedly hate and fear. They don’t get that there would be no shame in the game. IF this were the case.

Hatred of people – has never been my thing.
Hatred of lies, evil, destructive forces which kill, maim, and destroy others, and feed on the souls of mankind – is altogether – another story. This is why I write an Esoteric blog.

Look if you happen to be sixteen or so – or simply trolling for fun because another older idiot put you on to a lie – go outside, get some fresh air, get out into a forest or come close to an ocean. While there look deeply, and see that everything behind the beauty of a forest or an ocean is in actuality – hidden predatory behavior – just like much of what happens online. Don’t get played.

Most Importantly – these Liars are your enemies – who ultimately seek to devour you.
You are their real target.

None of these lies and stories are really about me, my children, or the people with the same last names. Start seeing this for what it is.

The answer to both of your questions is, “No.” and “No.”

This is it. I’m now moving on to more important matters …


Vera Lokteff. About.

Keeping this relatively short …

In my physical 3D world, I was born in the United States, after both of my parents arrived in the USA with the designation – “stateless refugees”. My mother’s sides of the family were Christian landed gentry, who were placed on lists after the 1917 Bolshevik overthrow of the Czar of Russia.

My Christian grandmother, advised my mother (newly married to a man of her status and social class) to go on the run, and to keep running, until she and her husband made it out of Russia. My mother left the house in a simple dress, with gold coins and small bits of jewelry sewn into her garments. She wore a very lightweight jacket, so that observers would think her simply out for a walk. This “walk” began the very long journey that culminated with my mother’s arrival in the USA after WW2.

It was mid-point 1950’s before my mother was able to learn of events which transpired after her escape, and learn of the consequence for those who did not make it out of the USSR. My mother’s firsthand accounts, and the stories of older White Russian Christians who lived through the over throw, helped form and solidify my Anti-Communism stance.

My childhood was punctuated by dreams, which often came to pass, (warnings to leave a location for personal safety to avoid injury before events occurred) and peeks into future events during twilight sleep. Because of this, it was simpler and easier – to view the world in the context of my own little Spiritual Life. I assumed that every other child’s life was just like mine, and therefore was neither traumatized nor aggrandized by these events and personal experiences.
School and Traditional Church – were part of my 50’s, 60’s and 70’s social engineering. However the Dimensional overlaps which occurred in 1989-1997 were primarily responsible for my greater spiritual awakening. This gave me the ability to perceive the past decades of 3D events in a different, larger spectrum of light and understanding, and allowed me to understand the lies that permeated throughout religion, education, politics, medicine, the financial system, and the overall Earth history being taught in organized religions and schools.

I spent the 1990’s speaking publicly, and internationally, in both large and small churches, as well as small private secular groups. I always spoke with cognizance (whether a group of 20 or 400 ) that I was most likely really – in that location – for the purpose of speaking to just one or a handful of individuals within the larger group, and knew that they would take the material, understand it, expound it, and teach it. It became a common event to have people tell me that the lecture, or message, was an “affirmation” of something they had already come in to on their own, and had come to believe, but had no one to speak to about it. It later turned out that the ley line and geographical locations of those individuals became critically important in future years and decades

Along with speaking/teaching, I often found myself with precognitive/prophetic information upon arrival to a specific geographical location or country. In naively and innocently speaking publicly about future events which later transpired, and while believing that I had simply “passed on a message” “like a mail carrier “, I found myself instead, in the midst of a much larger global playing field, where publicly unknown players first wage their wars behind the scenes, and where a notice of an “earthquake” to a congregation and/or town is viewed by these publicly unknown players – as an act of defiance and interference.

It is then that I began to learn, first hand, about the players who divide into powerful global factions, who fight over the control and ownership of the Souls of Men and mankind, and who can easily operate in technologies which would terrify most of us.

In the midst of this – many Christians sitting in churches began having their own spontaneous spiritual awakenings, which mandated that we all begin a dialogue addressing the fallacies in religious dogma which work to conceal the purpose of Jesus’ life and work on the earth. A common 1990’s refrain was, “Christians are waiting for The Deception to be revealed, when The Deception has been in the church for ages!”

During this time as well – while being a participant in public dialogues and talks about what keeps Christians in physical and spiritual bondage to the global system, and in publicly addressing the twists and contortions imposed upon Christianity as to the meaning/teaching of “salvation”, and in speaking about the very real inheritance and power of our Spirit DNA, and the greater works which Jesus spoke of, I found myself in the midst of “visits” by individuals who let me know, calmly and politely, that there were limits to what I could speak. The Notice was given in a firm, “look this is for your own good” kind of way.

I did back down from doing things publicly, but continued to speak and write privately. However, even this was not enough silence, because our Thoughts, our Conversations, our Written Words create a very real – Scalar Effect within their system – which works against the 3D characters and entities who are able, and powerful enough, to send people to enter a house or room – without a key or rule of law.

For me, the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back about holding back from putting information online occurred because of the last visit I received from one of the global groups while I was out of the USA. Their messenger informed me that I “would not speak”, and he then proceeded to verbally threaten me in various and sundry ways. He also showed me a piece of technology which he held in his hand. I was informed that it was capable of causing devastating illness and/or causing literal brain function shut down. “You will not speak another word.” In speaking this, the messenger also allowed me to know “who” had sent him.

Holy Source – Is Sovereign. Our Spirit DNA comes – from Source.
We are “not owned” despite what those who come to intimidate us may threaten.

In my case, in this specific event, someone unexpectedly arrived during this “deliver the message to her” visit and literally kept me physically safe. It showed me that we are absolutely – not alone – even when we think we are.

I won’t lie.
It took me some time, to think about all that had occurred.
It also forced me to do more research, and learn about technologies already in global use against humans, and specifically, how quickly individual “brain mapping” technologies can scan a human brain, and how these results can be, and are used, specifically against the individuals.

It also caused me to think – a lot – about my Russian great grand-mother, a woman who saw future events from the ease and comfort of her home long before they occurred. She shared what she saw about the future with my mother (her grand-daughter) who reiterated these things to me from my childhood and on …

My great grandmother, had been a woman married to an heir, who desperately needed to produce an heir of her own. With hope, she turned to Holy Source, and in faith, built a sanctuary and refuge for Russian Orthodox nuns. She supported all of them. Her request was simply that they “pray” for her, that she produce a male heir.
She gave birth to a son – my mother’s father.

He fathered my mother, who was the daughter told to “run” and “stay alive”.

My mother, was not a nihilist, she took the mission to survive seriously and got to safety in the USA, where she gave birth to me.

To have had so many people of these many generations, who came before mine, and for them to have gone through so much effort, sorrow, and suffering – to make it possible for me to now stand on planet Earth at this point in time – and for me to stay silent, would be a betrayal to all those who came before me, and believed in something holy and sacred that goes beyond globalists, their up-line bosses, and their created 3D matrix.

In the end, for me, the intimidation I received now works as my Inspiration to keep speaking, to keep writing, to keep explaining, to keep forewarning, and to keep moving forward.

I am not naïve, and know that I am writing to a specific audience who is already somewhat in the know.

I also write for later, for a time when all of this will make clear sense to many more people, when time has moved on to “post event” historical narratives.
I believe that hearing someone later say,“I get this now” is much better than an
“I was never told”.

Most importantly right now – I write for those who love what is sacred, who know their Holy Source, and who have been seeking confirmation of their own personal experience.

I write too for those who are already teachers, and for those who do understand this specific time and know the season which we have just entered. I know that you will easily pick up the material here, you will expound it, you will build on it, and you will run with it – to a much further reach. For you this material will be clear, light, and easy.

I pray much blessing for all of you.
Vera Lokteff