The Multi-Dimensionality Of Truth

Every Truth, even when foundational, still has a broader and deeper Truth which it is a “part of”.

Truth does not change, but the greater ripples of Truth, do expand what and how we perceive and know it, and this helps us to not only utilize that truth in our lives as a concept, but also teaches us how to become part of that truth as well.

And while we may understand that Truth ripples out into greater and greater ripples, it is also true that more often than not – greater ripples within multi-dimensional truths – work themselves down into our smallest ripple within our third dimensional lives. (3D)

What is a ripple?
I am referring to the circular ripples made on a smooth lake when a child throws a pebble into the water. The first hit on the water “begins” a series of circular ripples. The first ripple is small, the second ripple is larger, and the third ripple is larger still.

Truth is like that.
There is an initial first smallest 3D ripple of a truth, but there are also larger ripples of that truth which correlate to, and are part of, the first smallest ripple – but go beyond what is obviously seen or known.

Another way to see this is to look at a sheet of paper full of illustrations, art, and writing on it.
Pick up this sheet of paper. Hold it so that only the thin line edge faces you.
What do you see? Not much.

Now turn the same sheet of paper to the larger broad 8×11 side.

Coming into a greater Truth about something is like coming around the corner from the thin line edge of a sheet of paper, to looking out at the larger vista, broad horizon side – where there is much more to see, understand, and know about – this very same truth.

What squeezes or oppresses you in your daily life – here on the thin edge – actually started long before on the larger and broader horizon of your 3D life.

Yes, the greater knowledge of a specific truth sometimes pertains to more information about what transpires in your 3D life. However, it very often starts squeezing and oppressing you – from within a different density and/or dimension.

Our 3D religious and educational systems, in conjunction with social engineering – help to keep us limited and contained – to the thin sliver side of the sheet of paper. The three work together and in tandem, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, to keep us from being aware of the larger ploys and tactics used against us, and helps keep the masses in a helpless state.

Loads of money, effort, time, and literal warfare on all ripples, work together to keep us focused on the smallest ripples. Why? It is done to keep you from understanding the truth of Spirit Law.

Spirit Laws – literally supersede the ones we are told we are limited to within the third dimension.

Spirit Law makes clear our “spiritual right of inheritance” – which absolutely trump 3D, 4D, and all matrix dimensions.

What are they afraid of?
They are afraid of the power of Knowing.
“You shall know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free”.

The days are now such that it becomes paramount that we see, understand, and believe that Truth Is Unstoppable.

Truth is unstoppable.
Think of each ripple of expanded Truth which you come in to – as the largest ship in existence, and then think of the greater expansion of Truth – as being larger and greater still. Larger than the largest ship you had previously known. Truth, when in the water, creates an overwhelming wake that is beyond measure. The lie cannot approach even the farthest reaches of this overwhelming wake.

Truth is in the water. Truth resonates whether people want it to or not.

Lies, whether political, spiritual, etc., are nothing more than tiny canoes, which get capsized and submerged – by the Tsunami and Wake Of Truth.

Now imagine what you absorbing truth, knowing truth, and becoming part of Truth – Means.

Vera Lokteff